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  1. And he didn't do squat the last few years he was in the NHL....
  2. Sabres wish to remove these players from prospect chart: Mark Adams Corey Fienhage Michael Ryan Brad Navin Jonathan Parker Gregg Sutch Justin Jokinen Shawn Szydlowski Steven Shipley Judd Peterson Cedrick Henley
  3. I'm not even starting Ekblad in the NHL clearly my Internet balls haven't dropped like I thought Whatever, MacKinnon>>>>Barkov, that's all it matters. YOLO
  4. hence him playing in the A first and he was PPG lol whatever, obviously whoever rated him agreed with him. Keep on hatinnnnnnn
  5. How is it a valid point? Playing in the NHL right away was better for Seguin than dominating kids his own age. Same with Stamkos and Yakupov. Top prospects
  6. Mac could've been the first overall and was NHL ready. After his short PPG season in the A, obviously he'd learn more in the NHL not hard to grasp
  7. like I said Mac was PPG as a rookie no need for him to be there keep the jealousy up tho it's cute
  8. Gaining experience playing in the NHL and performing fine or playing scrubs in the AHL? Think boys Mac was PPG in the AHL. No need for him to be there
  9. but you didn't. You keep hiding your players in the minors lol
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