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  1. I don't care about the score any more. Hope the players can get through the first game without any serious injury. GO CANUCKS GO (AND SCREW THE MANAGEMENT)!
  2. I just hate people bringing up Motte when talking about this trade and trying to be positive. Does anyone forget Jared McCann? I wonder how he is doing in Pittsburgh?
  3. That is why he runs out of time, you know, too busy look back in the past.
  4. What is it that makes Benning so reluctant to get some draft picks back when making trades? Why is he so in-love with players that produce so little on the ice? Why is he still having a job?
  5. This is what happen when there is no one in the organization would talk some sense (or cent, in this case) to Benning before he offers this kind of ridiculous contract.
  6. I really don’t remember a time when Green will juggle the line when things aren’t working. He likes to keep throwing the same line out again and again hoping for a miracle.
  7. Really don’t know what kind of system the coaches implemented. Shouldn’t there be some adjustments after the Monday shut-out lost to see how to beat Hellebuyck?
  8. I actually don't mind Green, but I just think he needs some experienced assistants to talk some sense to him to make some pre-game and/or in-game adjustment.
  9. Sometimes I just think that the Sedins were just so brilliant that they covered up the incompetence of Newell Brown's Power Play.
  10. I think Benning, along with the Nolan Baumgartner and Newell Brown, need to be booted out of town no matter what.
  11. A must-win game and the team laid an egg. It’s just freaking frustrating!
  12. I guess the plan is changed again. Now Horvat is out we will be buyer again so we could qualify for the Playoffs!
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