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  1. so there is a play in round for the lottery too ? nhl is a little too obsessed with play ins all of a sudden bettman must be a country music guy ... loving the 2 step i see
  2. so someone elsewhere posted something about dating in the covid era and i needed to inquire and be reminded of what a date is/was as i vaguely recalled such a thing when younger so please patience what is a movie?
  3. um, no not at all there is no way this franchise trades Woo unless he fully proves first to be a bust his marketing potential in this market is huge he will not be traded away for anything less then a total haul and lias (i toss my medal) andersson is no haul at all
  4. i'm not cuz i'm sure you'd be willing to message me some details i already have to pay for my game beverages so i'm supporting the companies that support the team so i clearly am already doing my part with the financial support end of things for my team
  5. why ? that makes the escrow amount deducted from the players pay go up so they will all earn less if buyouts have to be factored in
  6. he got a backdoor entry ticket a reward for destroying the oilers for all those years in management despite getting all those high draft picks congrats lowe for taking the low road in
  7. where the hell is steve nash??? yeah the part owner steve nash i raised his name previously about the handling of the women's issues and now again nothing mr. nash this is hurting your brand or if it is not .. .. it really should your silence is not acceptable please explain what the hell is going on with the caps? or have they stuffed your mouth too full with paper money ?
  8. then i'm all for signing toffoli for 4 years at 4.95 million so we can keep (not trade) brock
  9. explain how you get to items 2 and 3 in your scenario you cannot trade a prospect, no matter how good, for cap space so you do need to provide more details how trading this player suddenly frees up or makes available gap space we can use to sign free agents (and if you are merely referring to item 1, why bother separating this all into separate items) i say no to number 1 i do not understand how number 2 and 3 work
  10. congrats he was a good soldier for this franchise did not complain strapped on his skates and did his best was a very good ahl player had a few tastes of the nhl while with this franchise but was not able to take that next step hope khl somehow gets him more reward for his effort and skill
  11. darn i was just about to suggest factoring in employee fraud and siphoning of enough cash to get your inventory expense to the 140K range i clearly know more about crime then accounting please disregard my post
  12. well we could have said the same thing about anson carter (actually i think management did) and then years later offering a contract value lesser then the huge expectations of that winger led to suggestions of racism (ok, not until race protests were well underway) granted tt is white .. so he will have a harder time making this an issue (well aren't we all 1 or 2% black?) but that is what i recall about the last short term 1st line winger who saw his production explode on our first line (see the emoticon, do not take this post too seriously, pl
  13. and then they can bus them here as the away teams for the finals (as vancouver is sure to be the hub city for the finals) (of course, they will have to bus back after each and every game to stay in their team dedicated hotels in edmonton) i think that can provide sufficient advantage to the nucks if they get to the finals
  14. good thing i have him on iggy but i'm sure kos will have a lot to say about yet another glaring failure by our local health authorities
  15. thanks for noticing please explain the luongo buy out since you wish to defend the poster maybe you can also consider and explain the recent misleading title of one of your threads (i mean really? why?) so much online posting is misleading and silly (especially about trades - wannabe gms) yet you expect me to take is more seriously get real
  16. math your numbers do not add up where did the other people come from that you added in but did not count as walking towards you ? (adding in people you saw on tv attending the trump rally is unfair )
  17. US Civil War II - 6.37 milion (projected)
  18. how did this thread survive? i see no substance or relevance the mods must be on vacation
  19. but you just remade the team why aren't you the gm you can rewrite the cap rules for the nhl at the same time let's save hockey in vancouver
  20. earliest travel cases in bc were from people returning from egypt, iran and china and then there was that dental conference as well this history of transmissions is shown in the early graphs when travel was tracked community cases soon came on and most transmission was local
  21. i agree and unfortunately in the usa it is politicized at federal and state levels though cuomo did a good job in new york he was a bit slow on the uptake but then really hit the ground running - impressive except, he did exactly what trump did hogged the spotlight - and being a politician - made the whole endeavour way way too political he should have done it bc style.. have the doctor start, do most of the talking, and take the lead in question answering and the cuomo could have filled in gaps but no, not in the usa cu
  22. i think some of the training/treatment rooms issues don't need to be fully addressed by the arenas selected an entire team will all be staying in the same hotel treatment/training (fully sanitized) facilities can be set up there it is unlikely players will shower at the arenas anyway.. they are more likely to do that once they are back in their hotel room everyone's thinking has to change a bit the arenas are riskier zone since it is a shared area time spent there will be limited as much as possible (but i'm sure the bus post game/practice will be a ta
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