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  1. I'm no longer original, aren't I? :(

    1. BananaMash


      I know how you feel.

    2. :D


      Did you copy that guy Watermelon for your name?

  2. What's with all the fruits? I just realized there are at least 5 new ones.

  3. What the hell did I miss?

    1. goalie13


      One of the most epic meltdowns we've seen in a while.

    2. KamikazeWatermelon


      Awww... I missed it. I only saw the second thread. :(

  4. Wait. Cultimultural Noise? Close enough!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Niloc009


      Viva la radishlution

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Long live the Acceptocracy!

    4. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Long live the Acceptocracy!

  5. You have A/C? They're so rare in Van. I can't stop sweating right now. And my fingers are always sweaty/sticky. Ew.
  6. 100 days until the season opener...

    1. Canucks_fo_life


      Can't wait to go into cowgary and shell those losers yet again

  7. So disappointed... :( Better luck next year?

  8. IT'S PLAYOFF TIME! I'm giddy with excitement again... :D

  9. Raymond is scratched, and CDC erupts in cheers? I was kinda expecting that, actually.

  10. I'm optimistic, but absolutely heartbroken right now...

    1. Stick-in-Rink


      I've been feeling the exact same way, I want the feeling in my gut to go away already.

    2. Phil_314


      Hope Cody could come back next trade deadline ;)

  11. Ughh. Change is not good. lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mau5trap


      Yeahh, not digging this. Maybe it'll grow on us though

    3. KamikazeWatermelon


      well they're not really selling it to me right now... i can't even edit my posts. -.-

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      it will get better ...I hope :)

  12. Happy New Year, CDC! All the best to our beloved Canucks! :D

    1. Sixteen W's

      Sixteen W's

      Happy New Year!

  13. Merry Christmas, CDC!

    1. -DLC-


      Belated Christmas wishes, KW. :)

    2. KamikazeWatermelon


      Thanks, Deb! And I hope you had a great Christmas too!

  14. Oh really? I don't visit profiles that often, so I guess you're pretty lucky to spot me frequently. :D

  15. Haha I just notice your username on my visitors list pretty often.

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