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  1. @Vintage Canuck Would you have time to take a try at this? Please. I know your a busy guy, beating everyone to the post, like the stud you are lol.
  2. I'm looking for the meme that says, Find someone that looks at you, the way Boeser and Pettersson look at each other. It was something along those lines. Anybody have that? Or any funny Canuck valentine memes.
  3. He is but I dont want to harrass the guy about non hockey stuff. Just if anyone can spare the effort or if it looks like a fun project for them.
  4. Been a member here a long time, long enough to know some of you are mindblowingly good at photoshop or whatever magic you work. Looking for help with a guild emblem. If I post some pictures can you take inspiration with that and run with it? My concept is the Canadian flag picture as a background, with the Battle axe skull and crossbones overlayed ontop, without any of the word marks just graphic. And the WeTheNorth wordmark as a header on the big picture. Or in an even better font you pros do. Other than that, creative freedom is yours. Hope someone has time to help and show off their skills. Thanks!
  5. I agree the Sabres have vastly improved. I guess my point was that, young teams show flashes of brilliance but often take extra years to put together the consistency. Whether it be the young guys, or the supporting pieces, or the right coach for that group. Whatever the circumstances are, it takes some time for it to come together and be the real deal.
  6. Young teams are streaky, happens around the league every year. Edmonton and Buffalo have started out hot in the first month and by christmas are near the bottom of the league. This year they are sustaining it so far, but who knows what will happen there too. We have alot of youth, with that comes high highs and low lows. The season is long, we will see what this group is made of. Worst case scenario.... it's a strong draft and our pick is lotto protected.
  7. Ugh I always miss these games! I watch and they blow a 5-1 lead. I dont want and they win 7-1. Great freakin job nucks! Hope LA is more of the same.
  8. I'm impressed with the crowd, I can actually hear them. Boys got em goin
  9. Watching tonight! I'm on days off finally, if we lose I'll take the blame.
  10. I'm glad he is going down, he can play a big role for Utica, instead of sitting in the press box. I think he is NHL quality, but we seem to have better for once. It will benefit his all around fame, he isn't going to pout, he's a driven kid with a pro attitude. He'll be back when the inevitable injuries happen.
  11. Markstrom sure has been good, hard to want to let him go. Demko being younger and potentially just as good is a consideration too, depends on how that potential does over the next couple seasons here. I wonder what it would take to get seattle to pick Eriksson.
  12. We don't have to trade one now, I agree, was speaking about before the expansion. Which is out of our control, but losing a prime asset for nothing may cause some fuss. If Demko reaches his potential, which he is on trajectory to do so still. I would keep him and unload Markstrom. But not yet, if at all.
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