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  1. Yep, the CRF (case rate fatality) is anywhere from around 2.6-3.4 times higher than the first variant, depending on the region.
  2. A lot of people in here thinking this will just blow over in a couple weeks don't seem to realize this is not the original variant, this is the far more virulent and deadly P.1 variant from Brazil. They are entirely not the same thing. The data is quite, quite, different. I'm not saying that the sky is falling, but it's quite naive to think that in two weeks the Canucks will all be just fine and playing again as if this never happened. It's possible that MIGHT happen, but the chances that it doesn't happen are just as high. Considering the fatality rate of people age
  3. Considering it's the P.1 variant from Brazil that is spreading through the Canucks org, no, actually, it is not being blown out of proportion at all. If you look at the studies done in Brazil about this particular variant, the fatality rate for the 20-39 age group is nearly triple, and we've only begun to document and understand its long-lasting effects. The virulence and fatality rate of this particular variant is incredibly high.
  4. Strive to be more like the Leafs, lmfao. Please. It's not April 1st yet.
  5. Guy is just a darling of the league in a lot of ways. He's just hilariously goofy and dorky and likable, all the while being absolutely squeaky clean and polite and well-spoken. Can't help but love Petey, what a stud. I still have to pinch myself at times that we got this guy at 5th.
  6. Guy was an absolute warrior, and his career trajectory like others have mentioned, is impressive. A lot of hard, hard, miles on that body.
  7. Honestly, it's not the points ffs, Podz is doing all the little things well. His attention to the defensive details and his tenacity and work ethic no matter who he's playing against is what's getting people excited about him. And if you didn't watch the game, then I'm honestly not sure why anyone would think they have anything meaningful to contribute to the discussion lmfao.
  8. "Edler, Sauve, Raymond, Kesler, and a first round pick" You're insane. Also, defencemen is plural, defenseman is singular.
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