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  1. Hey Ken - I just wanted to make sure I understood what you were trying to get at - I actually agree somewhat with your opinion. It's hard to say for sure what else was available on the market at the time, and we also don't know how dissenting Hodgson was in the Canucks organization. I have no idea how much Cody wanted out, but if he was raising a big fuss about it internally perhaps they just wanted to get what they could for him at the deadline.
  2. An interesting note on Cody hodgson - so far this year he has only 2G 6A and his +\- is -20. And ken, if I understand you correctly you are saying that you feel like those trades took us away from being strong contenders?
  3. Let's go back to the good ol' days, shall we? The one where Canucks win back to back Presidents' Trophies. We exorcize some demons beating the Blackhawks in game 7 OT after being up 3-0 in the series. Ryan Kesler dominates the Predators in round 2 of the playoffs. The Canucks make the Stanley Cup finals on a Kevin Bieksa goal so bizarre that Cory Schneider (and probably 1/2 of Rogers Arena) had no idea what had happened. And then the ups and downs in the finals against the Bruins which had Raffi Torres scoring a game winning goal with 20 seconds left in game 1, Alex Burrows scoring a goal 10 s
  4. The effort we showed against Pittsburgh is exactly the kind of mentality our team needs to have going forward. With patience we can once again become elite.




  5. I'm watching the Canucks game today and I don't have DVR... they just interviewed Jake Virtanen and I swear the sportsnet caption said "Jack Virtanen". Can anyone verify this?
  6. Starting James Reimer in fantasy tonight. However, I refuse to be a traitor and cheer him on!

  7. Before I start, I just want to express how excited I am that the Sedins will be Canucks for the next 4 years As a (poor) student living in Saskatchewan, I've never had the opportunity to see an NHL game. In the few opportunities where I've been in Vancouver or Calgary, I've either been too busy to go or there haven't been any home games while I was there. So when my brother pitched the idea of going on a road trip with he and my Dad to Edmonton to watch the Oilers play the Leafs (they're both diehard Leafs fans), I was incredibly excited even though I knew I'd be really sore after a 5 hour
  8. *edit* This post repeats some of the comments I made on John Garrett's actual article; in case you were wondering if I had stolen points from someone else. I just read John Garrett's article, called "Conspiracy Theory"; you can find it here. Although I respect Mr. Garrett's opinion, and he raises some good points, I'm not sure how I feel about someone with such close ties to the Canucks organization making a formal criticism like this. Calling out referees, let alone the league as a whole is not the most professional thing in the world to do unless you have cold hard facts. Mr. Garret
  9. Man, Florida's defense is solid. Tough game.

  10. C is for consistency, something the Canucks have been starting to find as of late. Consistency in the power play (save for a little dry spell), consistency in goaltending, and most importantly, consistency in getting wins. However, if I were writing this post a couple of weeks ago, I would not be singing the same tune. After losses to Calgary, Columbus and Carolina and victories against Detroit, Minnesota, and San Jose, I was left wondering what team would show up on game night. At times the Canucks were dominant against powerhouse teams, and at others would look like minnows against cellar dw
  11. canucks tonight!!! Go Canucks

  12. Today was a busy day, however a great day. It was such a good day, that it made the Canucks loss only feel remotely terrible, as opposed to rage-enducing terrible. All I can hope is that third period fired the boys up to come back home. I'm really tired right now, so I'll make it short and sweet - the future is bright!
  13. Ah, nothing like water at 30,000 feet. Wait, actually, this water tastes terrible. I don't know how that's even possible. At least the cookies are good though. I'm typing this message on board a delta flight bound to San Francisco. For the next week, I get to spend my time (although most of it will be preoccupied with work) in a 'balmy' 60 degrees farenheit (about 15 degrees celcius). It was that nice in Saskatoon recently, until mother nature decided to play a cruel joke and go back to -10 and snowing for a little bit… so +15 is just peachy with me right now. Anyway, it's about at th
  14. Great stuff... I wish I had enough balls to be talking in front of a camera for over 3 minutes D: ... Quick question; how much do you script your 'performances', so to say? Is there any video-editing involved in your final product?
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