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  1. On our end, we need to see at least one full 82 game season to see them under fire. ie the ups and downs of a regular season , hot streaks and cold streaks. Leadership under fire. And especially playoff fitness. (after a long season). I think that our more balanced roster will spread the scoring around more and the ice time around more. They will be not as focused on as much I would imagine. But might get fewer points as such. But more importantly, they might be healthier come playoffs.
  2. Calgary wakes up in the morning and first thing she do is check Mancouvers fb.
  3. His cheap cross checks to Petie's ribs last March are what I remember. He never fights and never had to answer for it. I'd like to see DiGusepie Luke or Keeper take a good run at Russell. Because Russell never fights or owns up for his cheap crap. Petie shouldn't have to fight him for those cheap shots. Russell needs some payback.
  4. With Shaw/OEL, I don't think we'll see over extended extra long shifts from Hughes this year. I think the minutes will be more evenly spread out.
  5. I think we go off the board and invite big defenseman from Shl and khl or finland
  6. The refs seemed to miss a lot of calls against EP last year. I hope he gets some star protection this year. And hope the trainers make EP some proper wrist gear. Those hacks though.
  7. Okay this is the part where Montreal fans demonize kk right? The haate is strong
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