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  1. I trust the others who started the name calling received warning as well?

    1. Salmonberries


      @cabinessence it's a mere flesh wound. Whatever you do don't let it change the way you play the game; chicken wing restaurants are no trifling matter, when one closes it affects us all. So take a short break, reset your bearings and come back strong!

    2. cabinessence


      Good post, they had crap wings anyway!

  2. Great points. Antoski skated well for his size, for the time....The thing is I think Jake is just 6'1".
  3. Just wait...if he doesn't perform well you will hear about how he was too heavy. Does anyone recall Sandlak,Antoski and Stojanov having similar off season stories about how they bulked up and were going to be that much stronger...only to have them report to camp the season after slimmed down? Cue bass solo on this!
  4. Well, who do you say? There are so many great ones with diverse styles. After tireless research the list has been whittled down to a chosen few.
  5. Andrew Alberts, Robert Dirk, Chris Mcallister,Bob Dailey,Willie Huber....the Canucks have had defenceman 6-4" and taller before. Not all were physical.
  6. How id he when it comes to hockey fighting? Would the Canucks dare sport a lineup with both he and Pedan in it?
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