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  1. I came back on this forum after a more than 1 year hiatus because as I was watching the recent Canucks games, I've *unintentionally* noticed how poorly Virtanen has been playing during this playoff series and so, it reminded me of this certain incidence that I had from this forum which basically scarred me from commenting.


    So for those who don't remember or know what happened...


    Last year, I had received SO MANY hateful comments going at me JUST BECAUSE I said that Virtanen reminds me of Mason Raymond a bit since I keep seeing times where they both would have a sudden burst of speed but then fall down...Then so many Virtanen fans and defenders started to aggressively reply to me on how much they disagree with me and made fun of me, saying stuff like "LOL How can you even see that? You blind.", "You're the only one in the world who would even think or see that.", "Jake is much better than Mason Raymond.", "That's the dumbest comparison I ever heard." (<- By the way, I was NOT even comparing them...I just said he reminded me of him...)...ECT(There were worse ones than what I mentioned here...). Literally when you search "Virtanen" and "Mason Raymond" on Twitter, you get to see some people mentioning they're seeing a bit of similarity too. And yet, Virtanen fans wouldn't "let" me think the same way and some even tried to talk me out of it. It's literally not even an opinion, so it was really weird for them to try to "change" my mind. Which made it frustrating to deal with all those comments.


    And...Thanks to all those mean comments I got back then, I had to turn off my notifications altogether on this forum because I was getting so many "disagreeing" replies to my simple comment in the Jake Virtanen | #18 |RW topic thread. Mind you, I was simply only commenting that he reminded me of another player...And I didn't expect his fans to throw so much hate at me because they disagreed with me and they tried so hard to talk me out of my thoughts of it. LOL Like...Dude, he already reminded me of Mason Raymond. It was a sudden thought in my head that happened before I wrote the comment. It wasn't an opinion, it was a sudden thought. It's not something you can now change my mind on. Also, I was just stating something I felt and wanted to share. I wasn't even asking for anyone to agree with me. So the comments replying to me were so dumb. :picard:


    So now, I just want to say that I'm glad that I never liked Virtanen as a player in the first place because I already didn't really like how he played back then and then his fans/defenders even kept bashing me for my simple comment on Virtanen last year. So I'm happy that some other people aren't blind now, because even now, Virtanen has been playing like he doesn't even care about the game.


    PS. I'm not turning back on my notifications in case Virtanen's fans/defenders find me again. Some are probably still blind and think Virtanen plays amazing right now, so they will bully me off this forum again. I'm already taking my leave anyways and I don't have notifications on, so no need to send hate on me again. I won't see it. I only came back on to write this LONG post because I do have this little pettiness inside me due to the HUGE amount of hate I've endured back then from so many Virtanen fans/defenders...So hey to whoever that sent negative replies to me back then for my simple comment, KEEP ON DEFENDING VIRTANEN NOW!!! HE'S DEFINITELY WAY BETTER THAN MASON RAYMOND. HE EARNS LESS THAN ERIKSSON TOO. DEFINITELY USEFUL AND WORTH! GO BUY ALL HIS JERSEYS! :emot-parrot: I'm done now. Bye again. I have to run away from Virtanen's simps again before they all attack me again. :ph34r:

    1. peaches5


      Oh my god you left because people disagreed with you? That is pathetic. Literally, every day people are hating on my posts and I don't give a &^@#. This is a forum, everyone is supposed to have their own opinion and views. 

    2. Dazzle


      Virtanen bashers are out and about right now. I'm not sure why you're running away now. If you didn't like Virtanen before, not a lot of people like him now.


      If the Canucks are out, Virtanen for sure is getting shipped out. I'm convinced.

  2. That moment when people refuse to let you be "reminded" of another player just because they don't see it for themselves. :picard: I had to turn off notifications, so if I miss any reply---Sorry, I just didn't know about it.

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan
    3. StarGirl


      Just know that Virtanen fans are really bad at reading. :ph34r:

    4. HerrDrFunk


      Who did he remind you of?

  3. Haven't logged in for a few months and the forum changed?! What happened to my other 500 posts I made?

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    2. thejazz97


      Nothing happened to my posts...

    3. StealthNuck


      Had to correct for over-inflation. 

    4. Dazzle


      Stargirl! You're back!

  4. StarGirl

    LOL Thatcher

    From the album: Random

    Summer Summit 2014
  5. StarGirl


    Just some random pictures of the team and players...
  6. From the album: Random

    © StarGirl

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    From the album: Random

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    Alex Edler Quote

    From the album: Fave Creations

    "Why talk if you don't have anything good to say?"

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    Fave Creations

    My favourite own created and edited pictures.
  10. From the album: Random

    From Summer Summit Video of 2014.
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    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Standing up for your teammates is always a good thing for a fight.
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    Vancouver EP40

    From the album: Fave Creations

    Credit to OP.

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    From the album: Random

    Kesler has #BEASTMODE and Edler has #EAGLEMODE.

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    From the album: Fave Creations

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    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Really? How did it go?
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    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    The middle line looks amazing. LOL
  17. Love your New Photo! <3

  18. Bored...I want to watch a Canucks Game!

    1. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Actually it's good the Canucks have a couple days off to rest up for the final stretch of games before the playoffs.

    2. StarGirl


      Yeah, but I'm just bored without them!

  19. Lol, I never worried...XD