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  1. Thanks for running this @Intoewsables <3 as always u the man Overall great career from Pirmin! Overall pretty consistent 60-70 point guy throughout his career with a few 80, 90, and one 100 pt season sprinkled in. Proud of him for being an elite TWF though, finished with 436 GA and 1150 TA for the career, and a +444. Unfortunately didn't have much playoff success after he left St. Louis for Chicago. 2 SCF appearances with the Blues but never made it out of the first round with the Blackhawks Looking forward to the next CAP!
  2. Lmao I get Pirmin traded away from Chicago and he goes right back after his contract is up. Smh Guess he's a loyal guy, probably gonna retire without a Cup tho Trade request didn't work either, looks like Rangers got knocked out in the 2nd round. But still better than missing the playoffs with Chicago. Also smh Vanya why couldn't you help me win a Cup in Chicago lol. I swear Atlanta's won like 6 cups in this jesus
  3. Pirmin you stupid money chasing idiot, 8 years with Chicago and 5 first round exits to show for. Terrible compared to his glory days in St. Louis with 2 SCF, 1 WCF and 1 first round exit Last year of his 9 year deal and 34 years old, probably a good time to chase a Cup. @Intoewsables please trade him to a strong contender (if STL is seriously close then maybe trade him back there to relive his glory days). Unless you think Chicago is a serious contender in which case keep him there
  4. I met my bae @Gally briefly Miss him
  5. Ya lmfao, probably the greatest CAP I've ever seen. 7 Hart Trophies in 11 years, 725 goals in 1120 gp, absolute monster. Atta boi @Zfetch Also did not realize Vanya signed with Chicago this offseason, that would probably explain Pirmin jumped from 64 to 90 points this offseason, he's got a 69 goal scorer to pass too lol. We're both LW/RW though is EHM putting us on the same line hopefully? I'd also imagine having both Vanya and Pirmin puts the Hawks in a pretty good spot for cup contention. Maybe the two of us can bring home a cup, we both haven't won one yet.
  6. Been pretty busy with work, I've still been checking though! Just haven't posted Looks like Pirmin chased the money and went to the division rival Blackhawks on a 9 year deal. Had 2 90 point and 3 60 point seasons, so still performing well though slightly inconsistently. Hasn't been able to replicate the same playoff success he had in St. Louis though, looks like 3 first round exits in 5 years is all Chicago's been able to manage in his time here Was able to manage a Gold Medal at the Olympics with Canada though! I also didn't even realize the Blues made it to the Finals a second time in Pirmin's last season there! Too bad they could never win it all when he was there. How is Chicago as a team, are they up and coming? Does Pirmin have a decent shot at winning a cup if he sticks around? Also how has St. Louis been in the 5 years since he left?
  7. EHM heard Pirmin was about to go on a rampage and terrorize the league again and promptly shut it down.
  8. Pirmin's +/- actually makes me so hard holy $&!#.... +61 Another 40 goal, 80 point season and another 3rd round exit for the Blues. Past 4 years have been great for the team making it to 1 SCF and 2 WCF, hopefully we can get over the bump and win the Cup at some point...Very curious to see what kind of contract he signs this offseason, hopefully it doesn't hamper the team long term.
  9. 43 goals, 88 points, +53 (!!!!!!) and 14 GA to 71 TA. Unbelievable Looks like we were bounced in the first round though Next year probably our last great chance as it's a contract year for Pirmin, EHM probably going to sign him to some ridiculous 8M+ contract after that Looks like he made the Canadian Olympic team too, did we medal?
  10. Even better season for Pirmin. Finished with 31 goals 59 points in only 60 games, that’s a 42 goal 80 point pace in a full season. Still looking like an elite TWF with a +30 and a 13/59 GA/TA ratio. Looks like my guy keeps having injury issues though probably because I made him tiny with bad non-speed related physical stats. Another great playoff run for Pirmin and the Blues though, 18 points in 15 games. Did we get knocked out in the third round this time or did Pirmin miss more playoff games? I swear to god if we lost to Robert Stano and the Thrashers in the final again....
  11. Wtf St Louis unreal. 2 seasons ago you said we were pretty far away from contending smh Damn hope Pirmin was healthy during the SCF bro &^@# Atlanta and &^@# you Robert Stano
  12. Looks like Pirmin is finally showing signs of being the 2nd overall pick the Blues made, past 2 seasons were a massive improvement over his first 3 68, 64 points vs 40-50 points +25 both years vs minus player all 3 years 17-49, 28-58 GA/TA ratio vs 1-1 GA/TA ratio all 3 years He looks like he's finally coming in as a premier TWF, showing signs of being both an elite offensive and defensive threat. I wonder if part of it is the Blues finally figuring their stuff out? Looks like we made it to the 3rd round in Pirmin's first playoff run, with him putting up 15 points in 16 games. Good start, hopefully he and the Blues continue to build on this and win the Cup soon! BTW Who did we lose to in the playoffs?
  13. Hmm, I think I’ll wait it out a bit. He’s a loyal guy
  14. Pirmin with 49, 40, 49 points in his first 3 seasons in the NHL. Not a great start but not horrible either. Definitely not looking like a 2nd overall pick though, hopefully he breaks out soon. What line is he playing on right now? Any PP time? Also how is STL looking as a team? No playoffs is kind of expected as they picked 2nd overall but are we getting closer to becoming a playoff team?
  15. Holy &^@#. Pirmin Walker is absolutely FILTHY Rookie WHL Season: - WHL Scoring Leader - Most Sportsmanlike Player - WHL Champion - Star Player Award (wtf is this) - Playoff MVP - Rookie of the Year - Player of the Year 35G 57A 92P in 65GP with an 8.25 AvR. Then he added 18G 31A 49P in 23 playoff games with an 8.74 AvR. JESUS CHRIST the kid is absolutely clutch. And now ranked 2nd in his draft class....absolutely incredible @Intoewsables how did we do in the Memorial Cup?
  16. Lmao, I deliberately try to create an elite TWF, instead my guy gets 23 giveaways to 1 takeaway in the first season. 44 pts in 25 games tho not bad
  17. Great career by Lung! Never won any major individual trophies (only the Masterton) but was the face of the Sharks franchise for basically his entire career, spending 17 of his 19 years in San Jose. Was the pinnacle of consistency with 14 straight years putting up 60+ points, finishing with 16 seasons with 60+, 9 seasons with 70+, and 2 seasons with 80+. Ended his career with 1250 pts in just over 1500 games which is great, and inducted into the Hall of Fame. Never had much luck in the playoffs, retiring cupless and making it to the second round only 3 times and to the third round only once. This is especially disappointing as he had 12 playoff appearances in 19 years, so plenty of opportunities to make a deep run. This was unlikely ever his fault though as he was always a consistent playoff performer, putting up 71 points in 87 playoff games. Hopefully the Sharks honored him by raising his #16 jersey to the rafters! Last of all, thank you so much to @Intoewsables for hosting yet another amazing CAP game! I know this must take a lot of time and energy for you to put this on for us and we all really appreciate it! This has always been by far my favorite game on CDC and I'm super excited for the next one!
  18. hopefully he retires with a cup are the Bruins any good? guess SJ didnt want him back
  19. Finally made the 3rd round... that’s progress I guess. and hit 1000 points! smh this greedy boi really be signing 1x12.25M deals, my dude sign for less pls we want a Cup
  20. These playoff chokers just like the real life Sharks smh
  21. We finished 1st in the West last year and we couldn't make it out of the second round??? Come onnnnn Also how far did we go in 2038-39? It looks like my guy only played 1 playoff game for some reason. Was he injured?
  22. Think I might just ride this one out as a Shark. Don’t think I’ve had a CAP stay his entire career on one team yet so this would be cool. He’s definitely the face of the franchise now being here 15 years with 13 straight seasons of 60+ points and closing in on 1000 points. Really hope he can win a cup in his final years with the Sharks though, made it to the playoffs in 9 of his 15 seasons while being an incredibly consistent playoff performer but still hasn’t made it out of the second round in his career Is there a way for me to see year by year results for the Sharks in the last 15 years? I’m just curious Also man they re signed him to 1yr 10.85M that has to make it tough for them to build a good team :/ there’s no way for me to take a hometown discount in the future right?
  23. Finally hit 80 points again for the first time since my 3rd season....but got swept in the first round Time's running out on my career, depending on how things go next few years might need to go elsewhere to chase a Cup. 3 more years on my 8 year deal though so we'll see.
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