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  1. Great pick by Benning. Top quality defencemen are always undervalued until you need one, and it's good to see he saw beyond the hype of the other forwards not taken in the top 4. With the unexpected arrival of Hutton, Tryamkin's debut, and the acquisition of Gudbranson and Juolevi, our defense looks well built compared to the patchwork we had last year. Defence also helps offence too. The sooner we take the puck away from the other team, the sooner our forwards can take the play to the other end of the ice and generate offence. Our team last year was terrible in our own zone,
  2. I think it's the line juggling that messes with Virtanen. He always has to adjust his play on a game-to-game basis and he can't work on certain things at a higher level consistently enough to show on his stat sheet. Once he gets out of the dub, he's going to have mountains of improvement since he'll be given a consistent role to focus on with a broad, solid foundation to start from.
  3. I think being in the NHL as a rookie helped him so much more than going back to junior. In junior, he would've learned bad habits skating circles around kids, but learning the NHL game with two veterans solidified his already solid defence, and now that he's used to the pace, can work on generating NHL offense.
  4. It depends on the enemy type and location. Overworld areas allow you to retreat far enough to stop aggro but mission areas usually set the boundaries well enough that you can't stay in the open. Some of the enemies not in the beta are relentless, giving you little room to breathe.
  5. Kid's got an awesome backhand shot and one heck of a wraparound technique. Most players start their wrap on the side, his starts right behind the net.
  6. I'd sign him, and deploy him for the role he was drafted for. Since Kesler is the mainstay 2C, Schroeder should play wing so he can still play the offensive game we drafted him for and improve his versatility. His passing would set up Kesler a lot as long as he's given the chance to learn Kesler's game. We could have Kassian on that line for boardplay, dirty areas, and his underrated passing.
  7. I think judges go less by damage and more by points. GSP while battered still pressed with a lot of strikes that would eat up a lesser man. Still, I thought the belt was about to move on until Bruce Buffer started announcing the split.
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