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  1. I have to wonder if the poor start isn't more a case of how pre-season was used to give a group of supporting cast a chance to showcase themselves (most of whom are.gone) instead of trying to get famiarity and chemistry with all the new faces Benning brought in this off season. Knowing the season started with a long road trip with limited practicing opportunity, getting the known starters more time to work together should have been the priority. Players themselves have said they are still getting used to the tendencies of all the new players. That should have been dealt with pre-season.
  2. We could put Zak out if he wasn't playing that role for Philadelphia now.
  3. Green sticking with the dynamic duo Hunt (-3 last game) and Schenn who looked like it was his first time on skates.
  4. Obviously Green doesn't have the right personnel to work with. Time to rebuild the rebuilt rebuild.
  5. Nhl game management capable of completely turning around the outcome.of a game in the last 2 minutes. Bush league.
  6. We are relying on Garland to push back physically? How about Pearson, Miller and horvat throw a few hits?
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