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  1. Firstly, if you had bothered to read the subsequent posts, they were in a response to another poster, not that I felt I didn't say what I wanted to say well. And no, it is not my fault that you misquoted me...it's yours and it should be corrected. You say "then I wouldn't be the first it seems", but you were the first...and the only! YOU put in quotation marks something I did not say, and then left other crucial words in my post out to further bolster your point (which wasn't mine). It is the very textbook definition of a misquote, and it is egregious. Just move on?! HUH? How a
  2. You misquoted me! Easy to see from the one post in question that you were disengenious in order to make your point. There were other posts that said what you attributed to me, but not mine. MODS? We allow misquotes now?
  3. Don't put words in my mouth! I never said what you have quoted and it is very wrong of you to attribute those words to me. If you had followed the thread after you will see that I clarify more than once that I am not questioning her veracity, but her timing of the media interview. As well, as I clarified later, that when there is a gap in reporting and the first hint of the offense is a report to the public (actually an interview before the process has been allowed to work itself out), that it detrimentally effects the convict ability of the perpetrator...as it brings the possibility of
  4. I meant, and I can see I didn't write it clearly, that she gave a sit-down a media interview before the investigation was completed, regardless of reporting date. At any rate, I am not casting dispersions, simply saying when media is involved before determinations are made, usually something smells.
  5. I didn't dismiss anything, and I am fully aware that delayed reportings to police are real and the reasons why. Doesn't change the fact that when you go to the media 3.5 years later before the police have commented themselves, that is suspicious. In no way does it invalidate the victims claims, and as you say, let's let the investigation determine what it does.
  6. Lots to figure out here. Happened 3.5 years ago, alleged victim is going to media now. Why? Says the victim has contacted police, ok when? If at time of alleged offense then obviously the police have done nothing, therefore they have nothing. Delayed timelines and media interviews do not lend credibility to the story.
  7. This team! Rollercoaster...my heart can barely take it! But...OMG...I can't quit you!
  8. And protected in the expansion draft. sigh.
  9. Thanks, I thought it was earlier in the thread and stopped looking before that page. I don't want to pillory her, just wanted to show my wife who was interested. Interestingly, here is a Canucks PSA about Corona that Adam and Micaela participated in, from a year ago.
  10. Does anyone have the link to the Micaela Guadette vid where she disses Corona caution in a panel with 7 other women? I saw it from this forum and now I can't find it again. Also, the comments in the thread appear to be gone...can't find them either. Were they scrubbed?
  11. I am ecstatic with Demmer's signing...we bought 3 years of UFA with a goalie I believe will be elite! Solidifying our Stanley Cup window!
  12. Except he did say that! Twice...on his very first day on the job! Something to the effect that "this will be a quick turnaround"
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