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    2. Bur14Kes17


      Aquilini hates kittens and won't give the fans Tryamkin Shirseys.

    3. Kaner


      Good. Canada could use a guy like Kevin at the helm. 

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Wake up folks the 1% want it all. 

  1. Nothing but embarrassing. Losing to a bunch of 1st time rookies.

  2. lack would have ko'd Quick

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    2. Newsflash


      He's got reach.

    3. Webster6


      I wanted that to go down soooo bad

    4. Blueberries


      Eddie would then take him for lunch tomorrow.

  3. When the rookie coach has no clue so he benches Kassian.....

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    2. Intoewsables


      and it's easier to justify using Dorsett on the PP if he dresses less skill guys

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I think benching Kassian at this point is ridiculous. Consistency is often argued as a huge problem of his. So instead of just letting him play, we bench him.

      I don't disagree with Willie much, but I have to here

    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      This is stupid. Play him or trade him. He's wasting his time here.

  4. Great Drance article on Edlers Revival: http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=749726

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Good thing JB didn't listen to CDC and trade him away for scraps.

      His on-ice shooting percentage was never going to stay that horrifically low. Of course, certain people never took note.

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Also comforting to hear from Lidster that the coaching staff doesn't pay attention to +/-.

  5. great article on Canucks prospects in Utica: http://canucksarmy.com/2015/1/11/the-kids-aren-t-alright

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      The author presumes that Canucks prospects should get more ice time simply because they're prospects.

      Several people who watch the Comets play regularly say that Shink and Gaunce haven't played well enough to earn extra ice time. It wouldn't send the right message if they were given more minutes than they deserve or can handle.

    3. ShinkarukisBeast


      I dont know about you guys but i think that Cole Cassels is going to be a beast for us. He has 46 points in 28 games! He is event that scrappy kind of guy that the canucks are looking for, with 65 PIM! he will stand up for his teammates.

    4. viking mama

      viking mama

      Isn't everyone on Utica,.. Canucks' property. Contractually some may have waiver-issues but the majority are there learning to be proper Pros. If they sit or they play, it's based on performance & obedience to the coach's game plan. None of these prospects will likely enter the NHL imediately as top 6-forwards. They should learn to be humble & how to deal with a pecking order, that many have not faced before. The writer is missing the mark on how such things take time.

  6. This is a Horvat thread, so I'll stick to that. Yes I believe there was a horse and pony show this summer (you don't have to that's fine). I was simply saying Horvats audition is a continuation of what I believed to have happened this summer.
  7. Behind the Net (and most advanced stats sites) use NHL.com base #'s. The difference of a few face-offs either means: BTN hasn't updated to include Ottawa game yet, or NHL.com made an error and will adjust over time. Both happen from time to time. Either way, I adjusted the #'s I use to include Ott game, and it further supports my argument. He was a +3 corsi player, and his over dzone face-off % is still the best among any Canucks centre. By a long shot. He still takes lowest o zone face-offs of any Canucks centre. Both of which were emu points. In your original post, your reply was trying to augment the facts I posted. I.e, you assumed his SA/60 would go up with more TOI, that his corsi #'s have to do with his little TOI in score close situations and talking bout sample sizes. I was stating those replies were assumptions based on actual facts (which they were). I recognized the small sample size, but the very nature of an 9 game tryout in an 82 game season is a very small sample size. So at the end of the day you can either make an evaluation based on the data you have (which I did), or data you think you might have over time (though you've provided no data to support long term claims).
  8. "Add em up big boy", mmm kay. I can see what type of person I'm dealing with here. I prefer to get #'s the advanced stats websites. I linked them in my previous post. Therefore, the #'s are accurate. NHL use these site as well. I 'm also not sure how you can make assumptions based on a players advanced stats. The #'s are concrete. Either he was on the ice for 'x' shots against or he hasn't Either he was on the ice for 'x' goals against, or he wasn't. These are called facts, which as I've already stated have been collected by Behind the Net (a website which man NHLteams use): Please explain how any of the above is my assumption. Also, did I say EDM was a good example of developing prospects? Answer: No. You are trying to twist this my post into something that works for some new argument you're trying to make. Refer to my original post for my statement, which is also a fact. His most common line mates were better than Horvats line mates (via advanced stats). And players line mates do influence their play and #'s, refer to any WOWY (which are also facts cause they are hard #"s); I have zero idea what's in Willis mind, I never met the guy. So I'm not going to speak to what he would or would not do re: Bo in practice.
  9. It's a good word, I'm glad you can see it. There have been many IMO, Linden hiring, food/concession changes, Gillis firing etc.
  10. And my point was that he earned it. And It was 6 ozone draws: Link Also my #'s aren't off, it's called rounding. He took 14 D zone draws, won 9. Of course Horvat isn't taking the # of draws the other centres are - cause he wasn't given the opportunity. Which was my point. So what you evaluate is what you have, small sample sizes. How does his corsi have do with him not getting TOI in the certain periods, or when game his close? His corsi rel is good, that would indicate they would want/need him in those situations. But they don't, which was my point. You are assuming his SA/60 will go up if his TOI does. There's no indicator of that, that's just a guess. is SA/60 is relative to teams TOI. We won't know unless we see him play more. So perhaps you are fooling yourself into believing your assumptions are fact. Plenty of prospects get decent line mates, even on 9 game tryouts. Draisaitl in EDM is a good example for this season (Perron,Purcell are his most common linemates. It's not even an argument that's players line mates influence their play/advanced stats. All you have to do is take a look at WOWYs. I am not making any assumptions. There are advanced stats websites, which I've used to provide the data. I've voiced my opinion about how he's being treated despite a good showing in 5 games. We all realize he's only played 5 hockey games thus far, which I outlined above. You can talk about what you 'think' is going on in Wilies mind. That's fine, but that's more assumption than anything I've written. I was simply posting some facts about Horvats play this far, relaying that they are good #'s and wondering why they aren't using him. Given the dog and pony show this summer about doing everything to make the fans happy, I assumed they were giving Horvat 9 games as apart of that. Cause it they were serious, his early #'s would indicate he's ready for more opportunity.
  11. I'm not sure how anyone could say "he was given every opportunity with the Canucks in this 5 game try out. It's hogwash anyway you look at it. He was not given a chance, period. - He's played more than 9 min TOI in exactly 1 game this yr. Been given exactly 2 seconds of PP time, 1:40 of PK time. - He's taken 52 face-offs - exactly 6 of them while starting in the offensive zone. And won 65% of the defensive zone draws he's taken....... which by the way is the best % of any Canucks centre by a country mile. - He's been on the ice for exactly 1 goal against. - He has the 6th best corsi relative to his teammates (forwards only), despite starting the 'team lowest' 33% of his shifts in the offensive zone. - He's been given, by far, the worst wingers on the team every single game. - Only Vrbata, Hank and Dank have fewer shots against/per ice time. *Keep in mind those 3 players start 55+% of shifts startin in the ozone. Horvat is 33%* This is exactly the type of player that has earned more ice time. You couldn't write the script better. Yet after his best game of the season against the defending Cup champions, he's been given less than 8 min each of the last 2 games. And been demoted to the 4th line with scrubs. They've in now way given him any type of opportunity to succeed, other than placing his nameplate in the locker room. I honestly believe this is another horse and pony show from the Canucks brass to make the fan base happy, "give the top prospect a few games to make the fans happy". There's no other way to explain the way they're using (or not using him). I won't explain in detail how he's currently a better option than Richardson or Matthias (cause he is an the #'s prove it). But I will say, send him back to Jr. where he can play big minutes instead of being wasted in Van and being trotted out as a prize to the fan base.
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