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  1. I think it's a little close, but doing what he did on multiple teams stands out to me.
  2. The best offensive team against the best defensive team this is going to be great. Best penalty kill against the best power play. I called Montreal in 7 and I think an OT winner, what a story line, happening at a time when some folks could use some hero's. Bias because living in Kelowna and running a trades company we have multiple current or retired NHL players as clients. An one of them happens to be a certian BC boy playing goal the finals. GCG
  3. I called Mtl in 6, offence from the defence, if I'm Mtl fire pucks back to the big D espicially Weber and keep firing until you cut a few guys down. That might give them a chance.
  4. Ahhhhhh,,, you might want to look at that agian, just saying
  5. The difference in watching a game broadcast from America with fans in the stands vs a broadcast from Canada with out fans, theres no comparision, great to see & hear the fans. Without fans even with the delay, thers alot of cussing
  6. Wasn't that the year Colin Campbell was in charge to banned substance testing for the Bruins,,,, oh wait a minute.
  7. Yeah listening to Button, lots of words few facts. I think the consencous that picking in the top 9 should land a good player for the future. GCG
  8. Craig Button .... is that you? On the radio saying Loui and our 1st, in a trade for a player for our top 6
  9. Reading all the PGT, lots of support but ALOT of bashing. And in it all very little about Jake V, who had 3 very good hits last night 2 of them on Chabot one where he knocked him down, that's not easy! GCG
  10. Miller is one outspoken guy, remember the playoffs last year? That Dressing room scene? The Players have been texting and talking, and most likely all had the same opinion and it was J.T. Miller that said it. And as a leader on the team could very well have said, " no Bo let me do it less hassle that way "
  11. I agree 100% and have often said the chances of Vancouver Canucks winning a Stanley Cup with that statue still in place will be very slim. The powers that be in Vancouver would be better served by making a tribute to Roger with a video screen image if he wasn't the first serious guy on video he was definitely there at the very beginning.
  12. There are a number of previous posts saying if the Canuacks can get the split in Montreal they would be doing good no matter. last night was the no matter what part. I still think they can do it
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