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  1. From the OEL trade / UFA signings in the summer to this...and everything in-between...is the reason i barely come on here anymore. Again, the media and some of this fan base is off their rockers! And, some on here just keep on keeping on with their negativity / hate on here. Makes it hard for the rest to enjoy when it consumes the forum and most threads. It's unfortunate!
  2. Anyone else watch on the SN Now app on the Amazon Fire Stick? I've never had issues with it, but the few games i've watch the last week or so are really choppy.
  3. 100%! There are a few, but Taj1944 & Uncle Laleet stand out...nothing but hate for Benning and attacking this team at every opportunity. Sadly, the media and some fans eat up everything they say / do. You know they're not fans because they're never positive or cheering for the team to succeed or do well and they can't even give praise or credit where credit is do. Not everything the team does is a f up or negative no matter what they think or say. Sadly, there is a few on here just like that. I can only speak for myself, but i'm excited about this team and for this season!!!
  4. Great interview! Totally nailed it on a few points...no class is right!! As i've said before, the media and some of this fan base aren't fans, just negative, hateful, ignorant, entitled & immature people that have nothing better to do than attack this team and those that work / play for it. Sad really!
  5. Sounds like Borderline Canuck is a Borderline Fan!
  6. Still acting immature, ignorant & negative i see!! Nice to see that after mostly avoiding this place for months because of this stuff, this is what people get to come back to at the beginning of a new / exciting season! Grow up!!!!!
  7. So in the presser, they acknowledged / gave credit to Benning for doing a great job this off-season and for their contracts...maybe the media and some of the fan base should take note! Plus, its their opinion that matters most.
  8. Yeah, not sure what's going on. It seems to be getting worse. Lol!
  9. Anyone else using sportsnet app on the firestick. Usually it's good, but it's choppy tonight. I assume it's SN signal.
  10. I guess it's not the end of the world, but I grabbed his jersey last year. Oh well!
  11. You just don't stop do you!!! Grow up and go outside / do something else ffs!!
  12. Can you let me know what it's like to be perpetually negative, immature and seeking attention on a hockey forum?! Just curious!
  13. I don't disagree that it should come down (keep in mind the innocent until proven guilty), but let's be real, it will get done. Do you really think it will just be left there or that they want it there?! Maybe they're waiting on a new one(s) to replace it / them. Let them take care of business without it being made into something it's not or making a bigger issue out of it than it needs to be, which is what the media is doing...and this is just one of many many examples.
  14. Yet, some defend the media here. While this is about one banner, it really does speak to the overall issue with the media here. They truly are horrible. No wonder agents / players have called them out!
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