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  1. Yep! Sad, isn't it! What a way to live your life..."I don't care"!! No wonder this pandemic has been an issue (some peoples attitude / behavior) and no wonder there's so many other issues in this world that never change. A bunch of mf's that don't care...except for themselves...
  2. Same here...extended family in Texas...same bullshiz! It's beyond frustrating!!
  3. Exactly! Sometimes people need some honesty (bluntness) and a does of reality, even family. It's not done with ill intent, it's done with the best interest for them / the big picture. If everyone reacted well to kindness, informing / educating, then we prob wouldn't be in this mess to this degree and we wouldn't have to take this approach. I hope she reevaluate's / listens to you and cooler heads prevail.
  4. It's past the stage of being kind / trying to inform / educate her and all the others not following the rules / not doing what's right. They DO NOT care about kindness or about info / education (facts)...they think what they think and they do what they do...selfish and entitled and ignorant...for 10-11 months now. They're not going to all of a sudden listen /change. I'm like the original poster...these people are going to get honesty (sometimes blunt) from me, family or not! Enough is enough!! It goes way beyond just them. These people need to get their heads out of their conspiracy a##es and see what's in front of their faces!!
  5. Totally agree! For sure...i'm def happy to had it to my collection / hang it on the wall!
  6. I'll say this again...everyone is welcome to have a opinion / dislike it, but some of the hate is ridiculous! But, that seems to be a theme these days. Honestly, it wouldn't matter what they did, these people would hate much underlining negativity with them.
  7. Agreed! Have a blank one on the way. The reverse retro's are limited editions, so jumping on it before they're hard to find.
  8. Go figure.....people that are more upset (sometimes being a*****) than the people who should potentially be upset with an issue. Seems like a common theme these days. As you mentioned, most Indigenous people have a much more positive, balanced reaction / opinion. I'm with them, things could have been approached / done differently, but it can still be appreciated for the art it is / its significance. All these non Indigenous people overreacting / jumping off the deep end like they're fighting on behalf (being a hero) of Indigenous people, but they don't 100% know how Indigenous people feel / want to react. And maybe they don't want them reacting that way on their behalf?! Reminds me of some extreme behavior coming from white people re: the BLM movement...not what was needed and not what was wanted by most African American people. Maybe more people should consult the Indigenous & African American people before freaking out on their behalf?
  9. I hear ya! Yeah, i think you're right about that! Def a missed opportunity. You'd think in this day & age they'd think of all these things. It's too bad, because def a nice idea.
  10. All fair / valid points, but maybe??? we need to appreciate it for the beautiful piece of art it is instead of turning it into something else that it doesn't need to be. I think that may be the problem these days...picking the wrong battles / creating the wrong issues. Def not saying you're wrong or that what i'm saying is the right way to look at it...i'm really not sure anymore. At this point i like it for what it is...but if goes deeper than that, then i may have to re-evaluate / re-think things. Maybe i'm just tired of all the issues these days as's been tough to navigate things lately!
  11. Hey hey hey.....don't use bad words like that! Lol!
  12. Obviously this topic is really important, but there's been too much reading this thread and not enough reading hockey / Canucks related threads lately.....hopefully that changes in the next 3-4 weeks. Need me some hockey again!
  13. It's cold if he didn't do anything wrong, but he did. There's consequences for your behavior.....but some seem to think that's not a thing these days! If i run a red light (with a camera), i expect to get a ticket, but some have the nerve to fight things like that. How f'd up is that mentality!!
  14. Tired of the bullshiz on posted my thoughts re: the vaccine... Re: Covid Vaccine... 1) Before i say anything, of course everyone wants it to be safe / effective, first & foremost. 2) Unless you have a crystal ball (to see long term effects) & you can test it yourself, then you need to put trust / put faith in the scientist / companies / government involved. 3) Re: it's quick need to keep in mind the large amount of scientist / companies working on it this time around. Also, technology is miles ahead of where it was even 5-10 years ago, let alone 25-30 years ago. We have tools we never had in the past. 4) You can talk about the potential side effects of a vaccine, but what about the potential serious side effects (long term) / potential death from covid. 5) Again, at the end of the day, it's not just about you...people have long term serious side effects from covid, people are dying from covid, people are losing loved ones to covid, doctors & nurses are struggling due to covid, teachers are struggling due to covid, kids & young adults are dying WAY to young due to covid & much more. 6) While you shouldn't assume the worst, you also shouldn't assume it'll be fine / it won't happen to me. As they say, assuming makes an a** out of you & me. 7) It's about the big picture & taking care of each other, not about being selfish / entitled!