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  1. Glad you could be there! I was with my Grandma...so hard, but glad i was. Nice! Family first and foremost for sure. Shaw was a great addition I think. Despite everything going on, i'm def looking forward to seeing the changes this off season / how next season pans out as well. All the best!
  2. Thank you! And i'm very very sorry to hear that...been there and it is horrible!! I hate the C word! I hope you are managing okay and the wonderful memories are guiding you through this tough time!! As with WSA, i apologize for being so harsh, but when you go through something sooo negative / life altering (plus, there was a couple other things attached to that), you just want to seek refuge in anything positive / things you love, so hearing a bunch of negativity doesn't really help that. I guess ignoring / doing other stuff is best, but it's everywhere these days it seems.
  3. Let me just say this...i will step aside from all of this and and say thank you for this post! I almost lost my 3 year old son! It was life altering and almost broke me! I know i've been really harsh, but this other stuff is exhausting! I just want to enjoy these other things, but it's hard when so many are just being negative etc. I hope others can realize there's more to hockey / canucks without experiencing what i have. Enjoy / appreciate other things than this forum and going at this team. I apologize for being so harsh, but it's hard seeing some of this on here w
  4. GO F*** YOURSELF & keep defending these people!! You don't know me personally, so keep your ignorant comments to yourself!
  5. Thank you!! For sure...just sooo tired of this stuff, it's everywhere! Not just on here, but blanketing society! We can ignore it for sure, but there's no change without people standing up to it. I've gone though some really bad personal stuff lately and i just want to enjoy some other things that are important to me, but i have to hear these people everywhere...it sucks! As far as the team, i'm looking forward to next year and beyond! Thanks again!!
  6. I don't even care if i get banned at this point!!! STFU!!!!! You're a f'n clown who's on here all day everyday spewing your negativity / hate towards benning / the team with a agenda!! And damn near evey person sees it! GET A LIFE!!!!! And no i'm not a Benning / team defender with rose colored glasses!
  7. Also, the everyone thinks i'm a hater, but, but, but bulls*** is exhausting!! If everyone thinks you're a hater it's because YOU ARE!!!!!
  8. At Benning again i see! Who's fault is it really?! Look at the contracts given out that year and look at his previous year(s)...maybe look at the player who didn't live up to his contract (in a large way)!! But, you do you and keep attacking benning! And keeping ignoring me because you know you're wrong and a coward spewing garbage!!
  9. Still on here all day every day stirring up s*** i see. Still havn't located that thing called outside?! You're calling them out for this, but you're doing the exact same thing, but from the flip side! You really are a joke!!
  10. Blah blah blah.....go outside and get some sun / do something else instead of spending all day every day on here spewing your nonsense!
  11. First: As usual, you're just spewing garbage to support your agenda! Second: You need to find other things to do...you're on here non stop pounding into the ground your agenda! And pretty much everyone knows what that is. It's going to be a nice summer after a long pandemic, maybe go get some sunshine.
  12. I don't disagree with that, but that's not how things get portrayed on the media front a majority of the time.
  13. I've heard Drance on the radio multiple times going on about needing changes / about the coaching staff (negatively)...so again, unless it's strictly support for a friend, he's full of s*** and has been many times and many of us see it. I've told you a million times, it's not what people are doing, it's how they're doing...pretty simple, yeah! Criticism is fine, but it's all the other stuff beyond that...and i'm (and i'm sure others) aren't going to keep explaining these things to you over and over again!
  14. As many have mentioned (not just my bias), he's constantly done that, so you can believe what you want. When someone has a track record of doing something, it's for a reason.
  15. Because, unless the tweet strictly support for him as a friend, he's full of s***. Because if the Canucks had kept him, 100% that Dance would have said bad pp, bad job by him and that the Canucks didn't make the necessary changes. He's done this type of stuff over & over. But, they did make the necessary changes and all of a sudden he's this great coach.
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