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  1. Yep! Posts like that guys are just head scratchers! I'd point out the many reasons he's wrong, but i don't have the time or energy. Lol!
  2. Really?! You ignorance / negativity tell me that's all you're doing, nothing else...while some of those contracts aren't great, you clearly aren't capable of looking at the big picture / all the different circumstances. He does take some of the blame, but it goes beyond that. But hey, do your Benning hate posts! Fans (so called) like you need to keep your thoughts / opinions to yourself!
  3. It's a fair point! It's just human nature at times, but yes, they probably should just be ignored.
  4. You nailed it!! Really, it's pretty straight forward. Some just want to be negative, hate on Benning & and argue, just to argue.
  5. Funny...he keeps saying people need to learn to read & his issue is with the contract...yet he keeps saying it's just a good trade and we should have got more out of it. He's an idiot! P.S. The contract is fine. This isn't the 1990's.
  6. You know what's crazy.....a majority of people on here are giving you & a few others facts / reality over & over & over and you just don't get it / keep carrying on. Either you're as daft as they come or a troll. Either way, not a good look!
  7. And then another team jumps in and grabs him! Benning got him over others teams because he didn't do that, so really he outsmarted them and still got a top 2 d for a 3rd. I'd say that's a great trade. Why is it so hard for some of you to live in reality and give the credit that's due.
  8. Exactly! This is why i blocked him long ago. Just a bunch of ignorance, negativity & hate. Benning could trade for a star player (fair trade) and he'd still hate / have issues with it.
  9. Exactly! Pretty straight forward. Even though it shouldn't be a surprise at this point, it's still shocking how daft some are.
  10. They got him for a third because Vegas had to clear cap space asap...plain and simple! Some of you have comprehension issues!!
  11. Exactly! It is a shame! It's about the end game and that's looking pretty good.
  12. Right! While a majority on here get it (all of it), some of the dumb on here is astonishing! Always negative / never happy...and are hypocrites at the same time. Benning do this...Benning does it...Benning why did you do that? Fire Benning!! It makes my brain hurt! P.S. Amazing trade!
  13. Hopefully you will learn to be a fan / stop b******* about everything they do one day!
  14. So basically you're just negative and no matter what Benning does, he did a bad job and you won't like it. Got it!