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  1. No disagreement on Aldrich. Pathetic view on the club. He's their employer. A guy, Aldrich, who holds the key to his future as development coach. It was reported. And ignored. That's disgusting! So culpable. Guys like Aldrich continue to get away with rape if no one takes responsibility.
  2. Moscow Dynamo to Spartak Moscow. And they are 7 time zones apart? Tryamkin most have thought Vancouver's drugs just did not induce time bending quite as well as Russian...
  3. I lost my father last month. Such a nice thing Travis was doing.
  4. Is there a sense Hamonic will play soon? I have not been paying attention, has he reported to Abbotsford?
  5. Answered for me; credit @VancouverHabitant (although Habs sulk, credit where credit is due?)
  6. Yeah your right. Winnipeg was first, also very well done @Art Vandelay ! A greatly improved team.
  7. Am I correct; was Philly in 1st place yesterday? Well done!
  8. Look, be it pressure from the fan base, media, FAQ? There is a concerted effort every year to improve the performance. In some year, Benning made moves many supported. Example, Player Name? There were haters, or those opined against. Also, I believe more was consensus, those genuine to have a ''great'' winger for the Twins. For the 1st time ever. Maybe the 2016 team which had Michael Chaput & Jason Megna not a shining example. Or 2016 one where they did take their lumps and rebuild retool? I personally did not like the OEL/Garland deal. I knew we were much better for it this year. My opinion was we may have spent so much in cap / assets that we wont get to a top level. But the deal made us better... And Garland looks like he is worth it more than I evaluated at the time. I too am enthused about a 3-2-1 start. Was always going to cheer our boys on, a fan of our team regardless of even my own critique's.
  9. I drafted him in 2 leagues..., was surprised I did not have Jakub here when I saw this signing?
  10. Watched the Vegas / St Louis game yest oddly enough. Tarasenko was best on ground, err, ice...
  11. Makar is an absolute match up beast, so athletic. Fox is playing 27/28 minutes a night, killing penalties, taking top match ups. Some great young D the last cpl years. Including Hughes who might not be the best of them? But is still ahead of the curve even in a V good group! Makar, Hughes, Heskainen, McAvoy, Fox, Chychrun, Dahlin, Dobson in no particular order, Drysdale, Romanov & Boqvist might get there... Am I missing anyone?
  12. Just a mention? And offering no opinion. Private and public universities rely massively on both donations. And collaboration. With govt., institutions like hospitals, other labs, companis. Universities often own and sell both research, patents. Just as often also have their research owned by those who commissioned it. Circumstance is as wild as the deals that surround the industry. Simply because not all research was done by a pharmaceutical company means little. Which is why intellectual property in of its own is a specialized field of law.
  13. Florida of course has virtually the highest death rate...
  14. I cannot find it? In Florida teachers protested blocking students from entering school unless they wore masks; against the law passed by their Conservative Governor. A parent had a counter protest sign, paraphrasing; asking what proof they had that masks saved lives? The teacher held up two death certificates of two teachers in their school that had just passed away...
  15. Back to SDG! Gimme somma lovin, every day! Doo, doo, do doo do
  16. LOL, Hw about some white dudes dancing... Came from their own church house, gin house, school house, outhouse? Inspired by;
  17. One of my best friends here in Melbourne. Oddly also lived near us in Edmonton. Her brother avoided getting the vaccine. Her mum procrastinated. Bro brought home Covid. Her 78 year old dad was vaccinated when he had a heart attack in May. They all got Covid. Beck lives outside the family home. Had to isolate, is fine but still caught Covid with one shot even from a fast visit at a park. Dad with both shots, thanks, and had Covid is also fine. Brother 40 years old spent 4 days in hospital. 70 year old Mum, now 30 days in hospital, 14 in ICU and half of that on a ventilator to keep her alive. Now out of ICU and looking like she will make it. You dont get to visit a Covid ward. Cannot zoom call someone on a ventilator. Beck thought she would never see her Mum again!
  18. Ah,, ha! https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/lockdown-protester-denied-bail-after-alleged-attacks-on-police-on-horses/ar-AAPE66r?li=AAgfYrC Arrested then and now still denied bail. Enjoy yer' cell Thunda! Dennis Basic is accused of repeatedly hitting a policewoman's horse with a flagpole during a protest last year, and then hurling a traffic bollard at another mounted policewoman nine months later. Mr Basic was charged over the first incident and on bail when he hit the second policewoman in the head with the weighted plastic bollard, Melbourne Magistrates Court heard. The 36-year-old has spent 80 days in custody since he was arrested ...
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