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  1. For sure. The Hughes situation may be tougher to resolve just because of all those big contracts for D around the league. He may project to reach that level but definitely isn't there defensively yet. And management is going to have to tell him so. It all adds up to a bridge deal but even then, keeping it at 7 or under is going to be hard.
  2. Crazy money. He's good, but not that good. But I guess you've gotta pay to keep people there. And they've got the money with the tear-down they've done.
  3. Yeah, I've seen that too and it bodes well for us. Morrissey can be an even bigger river boat gambler than Quinn. Even Tanev would struggle sometimes to cover for that guy. So I'm thinking Poolman was a good shot at the kind of player we need to support our LD.
  4. Good suggestion, and this is what I've got: He's mobile, pretty big but not super-physical, positionally aware, does some shot blocking, and is defense-first maybe with some as yet untapped offensive upside because of his skating. Tanev-lite is how some put it. So he looks like a bottom-pair complement to Rathbone/Juolevi but moving him up to play with Hughes might be asking him to cover for too much. He was pretty solid on Winnipeg's 3rd pairing and was bumped up to play with Morrissey, which didn't work out as well. I didn't watch them enough to get a read on whether that was on Morriss
  5. I'll be thrilled if that happens. And for the record, I think OEL is going to be good for us. My point was just that there had to be some pretty tough negotiations to get down to the price we paid for him, and that some of the negatives people raise about OEL were likely to have been a part of them.
  6. That's certainly how Jim's public statements go, and I don't doubt that he believes it. But it can't have been the party line in negotiations with Arizona or we'd have ended up paying quite a lot more. It wouldn't surprise me if this part is the difference between last year's failure to reach a deal and this year's success.
  7. Agree with all that. It was a hockey trade and Garland was the bigger asset and therefore represents most of the value of the first we gave up. Elsewhere on this board I argued that OEL's term and our "cap dumps" were partial equivalents in this deal. So yeah, you're right. But would the deal have gone down if we take Garland and our first out of it? Then it would be OEL for our second, a seventh and the cap dumps. I don't think so. In that limited way, then, the first unlocked the whole deal.
  8. A portion of CDC might have preferred this guy to Poolman, but the fact that he went later and cheaper tells you what GMs' view was.
  9. I basically agree, but zero impact is an exaggeration. It cost a first to make them go away. Was it worth it? I think so. Was it zero? No.
  10. Good point about Tampa. It doesn't matter whether you get D by draft, trade or FA, just as long as you get them. But you usually overpay in FA. Tampa made a couple of very smart trades for Sergachev and Cernak before they broke out as players. That's what you have to do if you're always drafting BPA and don't end up with the right balance of prospects. And its way easier said than done.
  11. This is important and encouraging. Best case scenario is Tanev-light. But no matter how it works out, we were going to have to take a chance on someone in a very tight RD market. We haven't been drafting and developing our own (hopefully Woo changes that soon) so this is what happens. Interesting that Hakanpaa hasn't been signed yet and there was lots of interest in Poolman. Glad we got him.
  12. Interesting when it was that lummox Carrier who gave him that career-crushing concussion with a chicken wing. Hope it works out for him though.
  13. Yeah, I'm wondering what's up with Hakanpaa. Seems that JB prefers Poolman and nobody else is in a great rush to sign him. Not what I would have expected.
  14. Doesn't look like it. May have to clear Myers' cap before we can swim in those waters.
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