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  1. If they don't want to pay for Green, they probably aren't going to want to pay for Gallant either. This is not the time to cheap out, but that's what's happening.
  2. Yakushev: now there was a net-front presence! Not anything like Podkolzin's motor, but a very effective player.
  3. Hopefully this is it. Juolevi is definitely ready for bottom pairing minutes at a minimum. The question is whether Rathbone can handle middle pairing duty. So far I think he can. Something like this would be fine with me: Hughes 22 min, Rathbone 20 min, Juolevi 18 min. Lots of respect to Edler: he's been a good old wagon, but he done broke down.
  4. I'd be really interested to see Rathbone-Schmidt: could be very dynamic and pretty solid defensively too. Winnipeg will be another good test for Rathbone: how does he hold up against those big forwards? He'll be sheltered some, but not 100% on the road, so we'll get to see. If he can handle that, we're looking good.
  5. Yeah, I completely missed the kneeing in question. Watching on tv is like that. If he did, more power to him.
  6. Have to figure there's currently one slot for a rookie LD, and they want to have a look at Rathbone. Hopefully some load management coming up for Edler in the next while, so we get a trial run of what Hughes, Juolevi and Rathbone would look like as our left side. It's a question that needs answering, and my guess is that it's going to look pretty good.
  7. I think Hamonic has been really good for us and don't blame him for Hughes' inflated minus rating. Quinn is still learning about managing risky play and the team's results have pushed him to try too much too often. Not Hamonic's fault. Beyond his toughness and physicality, what I like about Hamonic is his play-reading ability. You see him jump into the rush occasionally but he doesn't get burned often: pretty good judgement there. He's not an elite shutdown guy like Tanev, but he's a more than decent defensive defenseman. The interview he gave last night showed that he's prett
  8. Well this time we've got no skin in the game. And we still say the same thing: the NHL is a bush-league joke. Not an ounce of common-sense, proportionality or judgement.
  9. Now the cops are involved: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-canucks-jake-virtanen-sexual-misconduct-allegations-1.6014844 Not trending well for our "meat and potatoes" pick.
  10. Grimson is also exceptionally smart, despite the beating his head took during his playing days. But smart or not, Parros is still unfit to hold his office. It's a conflict of interest for an ex-goon to police goons. To your point, though, the orders are undoubtedly coming from on high.
  11. About time someone besides us calls the league out for their bs. Parros absolutely is unfit for his position. Talk about Dracula in charge of the blood bank.
  12. We'll see, there's plenty of gray area and room for dispute about standards here. My guess is not that the Canucks will be loyal to Jake but that they will want the situation to go away. If so, and the evidence stops short of a smoking gun, a quiet buyout is what I'd expect.
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