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  1. Yes, we should have won that one and yes, the refereeing blew. But I love the feisty play the Arizona boys are bringing. OEL is the anti-Sedin: a bit of agitating and definitely no turning the other cheek. We needed this. Greiss had a great game but we could have made it harder on him. We had traffic in front but shots weren't getting through. Our attack didn't break down their defensive coverage very often. Passes out in front from behind their goal line might do that but we don't seem to emphasize that much. We also don't seem to open space for many cross-ice passes through seams below the hashmarks. Another good game for Rathbone and Burroughs: give them more minutes!
  2. Even if we lose, it's great to see OEL and Garland playing with snarl out there. We've been missing that for too long.
  3. Not a huge drop-off from the top 2 pairings and some flashes of offense as well. A bit more ice time coming.
  4. Resilient win. Nobody can play with us 3 on 3. But we're still vulnerable to a heavy forecheck that hems us in our own end. I'd like to see a bit more physicality and less of a passive collapse from our guys when that starts to happen.
  5. Really solid game from this guy last night. I'm over the trade now.
  6. Agreed that he's a good player who can succeed in just about any context and that's why I said "in part". But there's nothing wrong with him destroying easier matchups while he's making his case.
  7. I'd be fine with Hoglander playing in the top 6 too. But maybe he's looking good in part because he is playing down the lineup. His line only drew McDavid some of the time and the rest was mostly against the coil's bottom 6. He's going to look really good against that quality of competition but is also a counterpunch threat against their top line. Big plus for the team to have a 3rd line like that.
  8. Very good start to the season: a loss that felt like a win. I wasn't too impressed with Burroughs in the pre-season but him and Rathbone looked great, especially in the 1st. Maybe a little bit too offense-first, so I can see why Green dialed back their minutes later on, but they were making things happen. If we have a solid 3rd pairing that can play the same style as the top 2, we're going to put a lot of pressure on other teams.
  9. This! We'll get better results when our shooters get dialed in. Plenty of good chances but not much finish. That will come.
  10. Well if the argument is that all 4th liners have to PK, it should apply to Chiasson too, but it doesn't. If the argument is that they have to contribute on special teams, then PP is an option, as it is with Chiasson and could have been with Gadjovic. As long as Chiasson is around, the lack of PK talking point is just a rationalization. There's no avoiding that they made an a priori decision here based on track record. That's their call, but don't muddy the waters with the PK stuff.
  11. Undoubtedly Green is more comfortable with Chiasson, and losing Gadj was the consequence. I wouldn't concede the "more versatile" part though, since they have a similar skill set and role. One got a tryout in that role and the other didn't. We'll see where it leads.
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