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  1. Really solid game from this guy last night. I'm over the trade now.
  2. Agreed that he's a good player who can succeed in just about any context and that's why I said "in part". But there's nothing wrong with him destroying easier matchups while he's making his case.
  3. I'd be fine with Hoglander playing in the top 6 too. But maybe he's looking good in part because he is playing down the lineup. His line only drew McDavid some of the time and the rest was mostly against the coil's bottom 6. He's going to look really good against that quality of competition but is also a counterpunch threat against their top line. Big plus for the team to have a 3rd line like that.
  4. Very good start to the season: a loss that felt like a win. I wasn't too impressed with Burroughs in the pre-season but him and Rathbone looked great, especially in the 1st. Maybe a little bit too offense-first, so I can see why Green dialed back their minutes later on, but they were making things happen. If we have a solid 3rd pairing that can play the same style as the top 2, we're going to put a lot of pressure on other teams.
  5. This! We'll get better results when our shooters get dialed in. Plenty of good chances but not much finish. That will come.
  6. Well if the argument is that all 4th liners have to PK, it should apply to Chiasson too, but it doesn't. If the argument is that they have to contribute on special teams, then PP is an option, as it is with Chiasson and could have been with Gadjovic. As long as Chiasson is around, the lack of PK talking point is just a rationalization. There's no avoiding that they made an a priori decision here based on track record. That's their call, but don't muddy the waters with the PK stuff.
  7. Undoubtedly Green is more comfortable with Chiasson, and losing Gadj was the consequence. I wouldn't concede the "more versatile" part though, since they have a similar skill set and role. One got a tryout in that role and the other didn't. We'll see where it leads.
  8. I don't think Gadj was ever competing for a 4th line PK role. Where he could have fit is in the role Chiasson is playing. Would have liked to see him get a chance in it, but it never happened. In other words, the role for him exists but the opportunity never did.
  9. You can say that again, and not as diplomatically. But as others have said, he'll fit better somewhere else where there's a better match of the system and his abilities.
  10. So is Lammikko with the Panthers now or in the KHL? Seems like he can PK and be a 4C, which would help if true.
  11. He sat for a long time before covid. Some said it was for cap reasons, but I'm not convinced/
  12. That's the part that sticks in my craw. Green sat him almost all last year while the team was out of contention early on. That was the time to give him an extended run.
  13. Really surprised about Bailey and Di Giussepe: thought they were better than some who are still up. Bowey >>> Burroughs. This is a weird way to deal with Hamonic, but maybe JB's looking for an easy way out instead of suspending him.
  14. Not expecting much in return. This wasn't handled in any way that would have maximized his value, not that it was very high coming into camp.
  15. It's already too later for that: a sure sign that he's about to go on waivers and that will be available for free. It won't work.
  16. Thought we did a good job of $&!#ting them down with half our regulars on Thursday and am looking forward to beating them soundly tonight. Vegas without Reaves won't have the same swagger: I think we can take them (and the coil, but that would be messy).
  17. Agreed, and in this case he could have simply refused to sign Chiasson to the pto. With that said, it wasn't the worst move and will probably work out alright this year, at the cost of losing Gadjovic, whatever that turns out to be. I liked him, so I'm not letting it drop just yet.
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