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  1. if not wanting some disrespectful stupid foreigner to desecrate a war memorial is bigoted. then I will embrace the title.... try going to any country and desecrating their treasured sites and see what happens... there comes a point where enough is enough.
  2. he did ask a few where they were from. and virtually none could speak proper English.. and I just cannot fathom how any semi-retarded chimpanzee wouldn't have enough intelligence to recognize what they are doing at a dead soldiers memorial is disrespectful...… there is no way any American would not have enough sense to recognize that.
  3. the fruits of the failed social experiment of the left.... Let in millions of uneducated people who you don't need. who don't speak your language or respect your way of life... what could go wrong?? the US will disintegrate as a country at this rate... I just don't see how an average patriotic American can tolerate the literal death of their country by a thousand cuts any longer... bet the left will label this trump supporter a "racist" this is why trump is so popular among so many.
  4. the guy on the left, who seems to have a fetish for military camo really doesn't give you a bad feeling in your stomach?
  5. also if you see a weirdo looking civilian in military camo... that's also a big red flag.
  6. something about those 2 missing teenagers looks was off putting to me for some reason... always follow your gut people... if it tells you somethings off about someone, its usually right. the schemegelsky guy screams "psyco" the other dude is your typical wierdo… very offputting.
  7. its happening in stages... whether it will succeed...? time will tell. vegans have found a powerful niche in the left movement. and they are pushing their agenda very effectively.. it starts with legislation (which we have seen) . it continues with celebrities embracing the lifestyle to advance their careers by scoring browny points with the left. Then promiment people who have the audacity to eat meat in public get harassed and shamed into submission for fear of losing their status. Schools start to propagate the benefits of the lifestyle. then its only a matter of time before leftist teachers start banning their students from packing meat lunches... as they will scream its against global warming, its murder, it offends vegans and vegan meals are healthier anyway... so how dare that evil child abusing parent pack their kid a turkey sandwhich…... then meat gets banned from menus of prominent people, schools, etc.... and were well on our way... whether it succeeds or not only time will tell. but its definitely the direction were heading and its following the same step by step game leftists use to socially engineer their ideology into society.
  8. that is the single most annoying angle they use..... there is a difference between a pet and a random animal. dogs are especially unique in the sense that they have evolved around humans in 1 way or another. and are extremely dependent on them... dogs and their owners also bond in a scientifically proven chemical bond that a person usually shares with their child...….. But.... they are the same as lobsters for people pushing an agenda... this is why vegans are annoying. their holier than thou attitude is disgusting..... im sorri me intelligent vegan friend. mi only have grade 5 education and illiterate. me eat meat. me caveman you soy very much advanced. please lead way soy intelligent man. its funny how you ignore all the insults from other side but get offended by a simple generalization. I am positive that there are many good vegans around. but the issue is the movement as a whole is no longer content on living their own lifestyle. but they have shifted into trying to harass, legislate, and shame others into following their lifestyle. even Canadas new food guide is ideologically driven pro-vegan propaganda. this is a sad story we have seen many times.... its only a matter of time before eating meat becomes taboo for someone in polite society....this is getting out of hand.
  9. vegans are the most annoying group of people on earth. period. and hypocrital since they eat bread and beer. Yet millions of insects die in mass cultivation of wheat. Their standards for animal rights only apply to the cute and cuddly ones. insects get no love.
  10. another rich man manages to game the system long enough to escape justice.... absolutely SHOCKING.
  11. trump is an absolute genius..... this has gone better then anyone could have thought. his own base enthusiastically embraced this. and the democrats were forced to come to the defence of a group of 4 newbie fringe/lunatic congresswomen. now the whole party is associated with their poison. if you guys seriously think ilhan omar (whos polling 9% on favorability nationwide) is going to be the face to bring trump down, then you are absolutely DELUSIONAL. The more this is talked about, the better for trump and the more disasterous it will be for the democratic partys image. now ilhan omar and ocasio crazy cortez are its face.... lol..
  12. im not the only one who feels this way.. and if LA prefers non-English speaking illegals on welfare, and tent dwelling druggies to paying tourists and visitors... its their prerogative. let them have all the illegals and druggies.
  13. in literally no other country on earth (except "western" ) states can immigrants go there, and start hating on the country without challenge. go to Japan, S. korea, China, virtually any other country and the first word you say wrong about them will lead to absolute fury and telling you off. Why is it people in "western" countries have to tolerate these ungrateful people who contribute nothing, and thinks they are owed everything for the fact that they exist? enough is enough of this. while trump may be a bull in a china shop with his crude approach. the essence of what hes saying is 100% correct. he just needs to be a little more eloquent about it . now I provided numbers and facts for you... if you got some other source that has different numbers about how wonderful unedecutaed hordes of people coming in at an uncontrolled rate in a country with a lot of social safety nets. id love to see them... preferably from a non- leftist media source. immigration comes with a cost. there is a smart way to do it and bring people in that can be an asset.. like educated and well off people.. or let in hoardes of uneducated people who don't speak your language, use up all state resources and at the end of day hate your guts.... do you really think this is a recipe for success? these elites live in gated communities and send their kids to private schools and go to top level health care instutions when they need it. its not their kids sharing a large classroom with dozens of illegals, its not their neighbourhoods being infested with crime and drugs, the only illegal they might ever see is the housekeeper doing their laundry or the landscaper doing their yard work... and they have the audacity to lecture people . have you ever been to an area with large concentrations of illegals? I was in LA a few months back. I don't think I will ever go back again.. it is something out of a zombie movie. roaming druggies, homeless camps, the entire city looking like a dangerous Guatemalan neighbourhood and half the people don't even speak English.... you don't feel safe or in a "1st world country" while there.. people are sick and tired of this.
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