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  1. Canucks are gonna win the cup this year!

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      Oh - and so as to stay in line with the rest.

      Tea cup?

    3. MANGO


      I say this every year....don't you.....regardless of reality

    4. The Magician
  2. score was the same in the second game.....

  3. now we're not going to score for like 8 games

    1. drummer4now


      we need a mercy rule lol

    2. key2thecup


      This is so sad, I actually laughed at that cause it's probably true

  4. well the Islanders are as bad as Calgary....maybe we can beat them too......

  5. so do we get the cup now?

  6. Haida Hat must be pretty dusty by now

  7. technically, Lou leaving isn't ther end of this era. That won't happen untill the Sedins/Kes are gone as well.

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    2. MANGO


      My belief is that. Something has transpired to create this situation. Like the Sedins are actually retiring at the end of this year.....all the players know it, management knows it. And the 7 million contracts are a distraction for the fans, so we will continue to support to the end of the year.

    3. Baka


      If they knew they were retiring wouldn't more people want to support/see them play and buy memorable merchandise before they are gone forever?

    4. MANGO


      who knows what the out come would be but by not saying anything you can't do any harm. If you did say this was the last year. That some fans might want to see them more but, at this point, with their production and the teams lack of fight. A lot would just give up and wait till things change. Out come being less fans in the stands.

  8. sorry play again

  9. todays refs will get a bonus if they can manage the game into overtime

    1. Tearloch7


      .. and free Heritage jackets if they can get it to a shoot-out! ..

  10. todays refs will get a bonus if they can get the game into overtime

  11. Did Harper get his beer yet?

    1. nux4lyfe


      That's a lot of bottles for Obama to pee in..

    2. MANGO


      I would expect Harper to want Canadian beer not that American stuff

  12. well, if Toronto is ever going to beat is their best chance

  13. Blame everyone but the Sedins.....Sedins don't step the coach!....Sedins can't score....It's cause Burr is hurt.....4 wins in 18 the GM.....

    1. BanTSN


      But the Sedins are grrrrrreat!

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Frankly everyone except Luongo and Lack deserves to get crapped on.

    3. Trebreh


      Its the GM's job to surround his star players with good supporting cast. What has Gillis done in this department in the past 2 years? All the while, the teams around us got better, bigger and younger. But yea lets blame the Sedins because father time is catching up to them and they're not in their prime anymore to be able carry the team on their backs. These two guys had led this team as an offensive fire power for years without any legit top 6 forward to play with.

  14. Remember that show where the coach said something inspirational, and the team responded.....well thats what I'm saying now!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Life is game of inches..something something something

  15. we should start every game with our toughest guys and beat any star player the opposition puts out as soon as the puck hits the ice.