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  1. I came in my grade 7 year, so 2011-2012 season I believe. 10 years, 1 playoff berth, and 1 draft lottery win. #fireRomo has been trending once or twice in Carolina this last decade.
  2. just spitballing here, but from crabby saying that he doesn’t feel like you guys are listening to him, and a handful of great GMs stepping down like clock work ( leaving teams without GMs meaning those teams have no avenue to get better) maybe the people in power could try and do a better job at making the people feel heard.
  3. The only teams that actually tank are teams without good active GMs, this continues to backfire hahahah. this is like when the government gives a lot of money to a corporation so they don’t go under, then that corporation takes the governments money and still fires its employees.
  4. Again, I think it will incentivize more people to be a poor performing club and lead to rising inequality. (sounds like a senate debate hahah)
  5. One of those teams just acquired David Pasternak, so Im not sure if they are clearly tanking. I don't think anyone is intentionally trying to be bad, they just have an eye on the future, for example trading for Pasternak was good for Minnesotas future even though it hurt his draft position. Most rebuilding teams will still tear it down and have a bad team, and they do that not because of the reward for a top pick, but because thats just what happens when a rebuilding team prioritizes the future, this rule just incentives more teams to rebuild.
  6. But if the worst team is drafting 14 I do not see how that will help parity. And more teams will try and tank, which also does not help parity. I honestly view this as a nice idea, but how it will actually play out is it will be absolutely riveting watching the lottery unfold and it will give me my gambling fix, but the end result could be more teams tanking and the worst teams getting worse prospects.
  7. I don't think it will stop teams stripping down, the bottom teams will still try and acquire future assets, the only difference is now more middle teams may be inclined to do the same. Again for legal reasons, obviously not me, I would never consider this
  8. No no, you misunderstood. The inequality will come from the rule backfiring and incentivizing more teams to “tank” Obviously for legal reasons I would never tank, just thinking of what a team on the fringe may be thinking with not many playoff players but a draft pick with a 30% chance at a top 5 pick.
  9. I think an unintended consequence could be increased inequality and less trades. middle and fringe playoff teams may be much less likely to trade their 1st out of FOMO on getting a top 5 draft pick. The individual odds of getting 1st overall doesn’t change materially for most teams, but everyone now has a much better chance at a top 5 pick. I think we could see the rich being the only buyers in town and continue to get richer, the middle staying middle and not doing anything to get better, and the poor staying poor and getting worse because they have a higher chance on drafting outside the top 10.
  10. Virtanens shooting percentage and IPP (Percentage of points he gets when he is on the ice) were both unsustainably high last year, especially in the first couple months of the season. Gaudette meanwhile has a historically low shooting percentage right now, but he is creating chances, I anticipate him to get more points soon.
  11. Hahahah that’s why I didn’t want to say it, it distracted from my larger point. anyways good talk everyone, all good intentions on my part, and I believe the league has the right intentions too. I knew I wasn’t going to change anything, i also don’t think there is much to change, I just enjoy a good theoretical debate, so looking forward to the next one!