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  1. A message I sent to Nail hi, I am really sorry we did not do this, I really did not want it to come to this and I know it is terrible timing for the league, but we have to step down as GMs from the Stars. We just do not have the time for this league right now which sucks because we really do love the league and everything you have done. I apologize for the timing of this, as we should have done it earlier in the off season, I really wanted it to workout but we just cannot do it. Thanks, Thanks everyone, and terribly sorry for the lack of activity from us this past year. I hope that the next Dallas GMs will be much better.
  2. Matched! I will probably miss the draft so the pick is useless to me
  3. Carolinas skipped picks - Ruslan Khazheyev - Ivan Anoshko - Yegor Sidorov - Nikita Ishimnikov - Axel Landen
  4. I am trying a thing with my new phone where I do not have any apps other than work and school apps on it, and that is why I do not get any discord notifications anymore - not worth it! If I am not fired I will do my make up picks and not dwell on this.
  5. Hello everyone, I am incredibly embarrassed and ashamed that I missed the draft. On Friday I was at the Petan charity golf tournament and I was excited to tell all y'all that I golfed with Cliff Ronning and then Saturday came along and I just completely forgot about the draft. Dak called me but my phone was on silent and then I saw his text when it was already the 3rd round and I was too upset and ashamed to join mid way. I understand this is a big deal and if yall want to fire me I will understand.
  6. Sorry about that - was in Vegas these past few days and wasnt checking phone Kristers Steinbergs Artyom Kashtanov Nikita Susuyev
  7. Liverpool had not won the premier league since 1990 and were a mess under the Hicks ownership. ....and Bostons last world series before 2004 was like 80 some years ago..
  8. Considering FSG have won multiple world series in Boston, and multiple trophies in Liverpool I think this is a massive boost for Dubas reputation. Please note that while public opinion on FSG seems to be low, Liverpool fans are being ridiculous considering what life was like before FSG (other ownership groups might have fired Klopp this year which would have been a mistake) and Boston fans complain about everything since they are spoiled.
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