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  1. I've always liked Brown as a player. He may be dumb as a potato but he still puts up points.
  2. I fully expect Loui to be at camp and play his hardest but will be one of the final cuts which will lead to a domino effect of decisions made by management and Loui's family. 1. Does he report to Utica? 2. Does he get loaned to an AHL affiliate closer to Dallas? 3. Does he go to Europe if he has a clause in his contract? 4. Does he retire? 5. Does he not show up to AHL allowing for the termination due to breach of his contract? 6. Does he make the team as a 13th forward? 7. Does a strong preseason performance lead to a trade? There are many avenues Loui and MGMT can t
  3. My bold take on Eriksson this season is with the way he is playing with Petey he will hit career 900gp and hit career 600pts. Teams will be focusing on his linemates too much and he will avoid serious injury this season. I hope I am right. Despite his contract I like Loui as a player and want him to do well.
  4. I like what I am reading about him, most top defensemen in the league aren't found in the first round. I'll be following his progress in Russia (its awesome to be able to mention Russia again) with a lot of interest.
  5. Brace Yourselves.. Shea Weber proposals are coming. (Sept. 19th 2013)

    1. Keslerific


      What's september 19th?

    2. diesel_3


      duh, my birthday!

  6. Have been trying to figure out a zombie themed name for weeks and just realized it tied perfectly with my favourite player, bwahaha zombieksa!

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    2. peener


      like knitting

    3. PrimeMinisterBure


      Zomballard, Zombooth, TheWalkingDedler, BurrainEater,... There, took me a couple seconds.

    4. L'Orange


      Great name and great picture.

  7. Got mentioned in a CanucksArmy post today. Sort of got called sketchy. Proud and insulted I guess.

    1. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      Don't worry brosephine, no one takes blogs seriously anyway.

  8. Pokerstars CDC Game Room, PM for details.

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