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  1. Singh is predominantly a middle name? Not a last name?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. canucks3322


      its mostly a middle name if your Jatt meaning if your sikh only and I believe few fijian people have Singh as a last name as well

    3. Sick Hands

      Sick Hands

      Lol Raj is funny

    4. topbananas


      Vijay Singh and Jeev Milka Singh beg to differ

  2. Anyone with a brain, join this game:

    1. Krazz


      Welp, got further than we did with other people tonight. Who was green?

    2. Drybone


      hey srs face I tried to go there but it required 3 others join

  3. Finesse Mitchell is hilarious

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    2. Kass9


      yeah. he didn't pick her in the end, why!?!!?!

    3. srsface


      She's white, obviously. tsktsk

    4. Kass9


      Haha she was white and thick, son!!

  4. Schultz can go suck a ???? large one

  5. Does Milbury remind anyone else of Marchand?
  6. No way.. I never add people as friends.

  7. Please, sir. Remove me as a friend, I can't be "friends" with a troll.

  8. Bieksa gave Hansen the nickname Honey Badger, Boston players also call Marchand Honey Badger

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    2. Sobotka's Girl

      Sobotka's Girl

      I thought BMarch was 'The Rat'. :D

    3. d^/ > _ < \^b
    4. Busty Ruffles

      Busty Ruffles

      Honey badger doesn't give a crap!

      Marchand doesn't deserve the moniker.

  9. Wow.. Thanks to Bruin mods on HFBoards I'm no longer allowed to have an avatar on HFboards.

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    2. srsface


      But do you guys still have your avatar? :'( My tire pumping luu avatar D:

    3. Kumquats


      Talk to an admin about that.

    4. BM24


      Tip about HF: Don't post on opposition's forums, mods will ban you becasue they hate whenever someone posts in their forum, seriously.

  10. Is this an elaborate joke amongst CDC posters?

  11. Hey wtf? David Booth tweeted "you're swimming in socal now chinook" then deleted it. :S

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    2. Trebreh


      Maybe the Perry rumours are true! Who has Chinook as nickname on the Canucks?! D: ahh im so excited!

    3. srsface


      Chinook salmon = Coho :(

    4. Trebreh


      Im sad but im excited at the same time, conflicting emotions lol

  12. “He can’t get anybody’s name right, it’s almost flattering in a weird kind of way,” - Luongo on Cherry

    1. DarthNinja


      What do you expect from a guy named Cherry but gets called "Grapes"...he makes a helluva fruitcake though!