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  1. Hmmmm....I like it all. Seems like fired up comments to me that do nothing but drive up the entertainment value. Keep em coming. Not saying it's right in 2021 but I'll take it.
  2. Well you can really twist it anyway. 1 injury to their top 4 tells me the defense is thin. The concern on Poolman is shared. Not sure how it is one of the best teams with a thin blue line. Although anything can happen Vegas and Edmonton have a good chance which means 2 spots are left. One spot could cross over from the other side so maybe there's one spot left? One spot for Calgary, Cali, and Seattle? Mathematically 35% seems very high when there are 5 teams going for 1 spot.
  3. Haha! Watching 97 and 40 in OT is a win anyway you slice it.
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