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  1. What does Sufu mean? I actually don't know assuming a typo?
  2. Bingo. Sometimes the marketing is nauseating. Just play hockey I don't need a Hallmark movie to get excited.
  3. Nope. It's honestly so stupid. There's a steaming service for this called Disney.
  4. Poolman doesn't make Nashville. People said it was clickbait last year too....
  5. Poolman doesn't even make Calgary and he's a number 4? Stillman and Burroughs don't make it. Schenn is a maybe. Honestly Myers wouldn't make Calgary with his contract. Skill wise he's a fine #4.
  6. Sure, but not top tier. 60-80 points is FANTASTIC so is a top line player. It's not top tier.
  7. Calgary Edmonton LA Vegas Van Anaheim Seattle San Jose
  8. Great optimism but how is a guy with 0 NHL games played top tier? Who is in the top tier? He's as good as Ovi? Yea they look deep but potentially an oversell.
  9. Bananas previously $0.79/lb Today $0.89/lb 12.7% uptick. I don't believe any of the junk that gets published.
  10. He invited Dieahrea Dan over for dinner. Too much turkey and scotch.
  11. Garland has pushback and OEL is fiesty like a mosquito against a semi truck.
  12. Aight so far I've gone: Grandad Oban 14 Wee Beastie Just love the Wee Beastie
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