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  1. It's only ever about money or else he'd sign for league min.
  2. I've always felt Gaud was overrated on here. Our problems to a tee. Too bad for top 6, not grindy enough for bottom 6.
  3. Battle of Alberta should be right. Flames play the Habs 4 or 5 times. Not sure what to think of that.
  4. I agree. Don't travel...but if you do spend lots of money. Stay out Alberta, wait.....bring your boat. Works best when you launder money too. We don't even know it's happening because we are that naive.
  5. No lock down. Money more valued than health unfortunately.
  6. Yes, yes, yes! Plus in 3 years Tanner is gone. Where is the 4th round pick? He's traded at the deadline when we aren't bad. Example: Tyler Madden.
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