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  1. Baer, Raymond, Tammby, Etc. These guys are all the same. Too good and soft for bottom six, too bad for top 6. There are thousands of great players that don't make the show. It's life. You need to bring a unique tool. Motte grinds, Baer doesn't. Brock has a bomb...not Baer.
  2. FINALLY. Would you retire at 36 if you actually liked your job and hung out with the boys all I mean come on I'd take my wage to be in Finance with the Canucks never mind Loui's wage.
  3. Tell him to come to camp in shape. Tell him he gets TT's spot for 20 games. If he comes to camp out of shape or doesn't execute ship him out.
  4. It's 2020....let's start with man lol. Just kidding don't want to offend anyone.
  5. I wouldn't play in fact I left on purpose. Hate rain. But...I'm not an NHL player lol.
  6. I know I'll take heat but I'm not convinced Vancouver is the ideal city to play in. Expensive High taxes Bad travel Bad weather High pressure Average endorsements?