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  1. 203 isn't scary or intimidating though....216 is getting there! Poolman doesn't take penalties does he? I want a snarly sob that keeps guys honest.
  2. hahahaha Funny I thought you were awesome. So many incredible hockey players in the world with nothing better to do than unload on here.
  3. Your comment on snarl is accurate. Like I said I would pick on Garland, Hodz, and Hughes. Won't get much pushback especially if all 3 are in the ice at once. Imagine a scrum haha? Ugly.
  4. I always find the size of these guys so interesting.... Is he really that size or does he round down because he's overweight? Is Hughes really 5'10? There's no way haha.
  5. Yea it's a potential problem. I mean if one were inclined they'd run Garland or Hodz through the glass. The only players on Van that can respond? Maybe Schenn or Mac if dressed.
  6. I just don't see a single player on the club that is scary.....these guys with some size like Miller, Pearson, and Dickenson are still not intimidating. I probably wouldn't want to go with Bo or Mac but I would if I had to.....
  7. I wouldn't say I am worried but the team lacks size and toughness. It might bite them.
  8. Lol they might be different things pre scotch and post scotch....People.
  9. Just throwing this out there....any concerns from peeps that the second line is small? Not sure what to think of the size?
  10. Hamilton is bad I am biased but like the Schenn deal Perry decent as well.
  11. I saw that I was surprised....I mean sure give Van a D+ but Montreal gets a Z for what they did.
  12. Optimistic vs pessimistic I like to pretend I am in the middle which is ridiculous. I know 1 thing....the team will be entertaining as heck!
  13. I get you but ifs are terrible. If I looked like Brad Pitt I'd be a movie star. I have no clue which other 4 players. Just based on previous years I think some fans are cautious about term with older players- whether right or wrong.
  14. There's also $2.4m of dead money for 22-23. That has impact.
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