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  1. Obviously. Two questions Define good would the other team do it? Hedman is good!
  2. Oh well let's not get carried away.... But I think people overestimate in both ways. Pretty sure some people think Petey is better than McDavid. Having said that, I'd obviously want Petey to win MVP over McDavid!!
  3. A few points from me.... I am a passionate hockey fan and the Canucks are my favorite team. That is a massive difference over being a huge Canucks fan. The difference: watching McDavid in full stride is something else. Watching Ovie hit that one tee is incredible. I'd pay huge bucks to watch hockey in Vegas if it was Sid. Obviously I want the Canucks to win but I am not a massive homer as I appreciate hockey. I can watch any game. Secondly - this defence this year isn't good enough. Doesn't mean I am right I just think it's not good enough. Lastly I think Jimmy should have drafted more but whatever I'll still root for the team.
  4. Oh yea I got your point loud and clear. You missed mine. We have seen this before and it just needs more time. People need more patience.
  5. Biggest wins in franchise history is pushing it but I'll take your enthusiasm.
  6. Oh yea Flames homer for sure I get that but as if I care I can over look that base model franchise. Plus if we re being honest any homerism not to Toronto is fantastic.
  7. What am I missing? I like him? I also like lip pouch so I dunno? I just love all hockey hahaha
  8. It's fabricated. Not even real. Rivalries take time and playoff battles.
  9. Man Foodland is unreal. Their beersh are wicked too. I want to move there.
  10. It's just so darn tasty! And I only have 5 beers left for puck drop.
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