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  1. I don't think governments actually want to stop money laundering and reduce high housing costs. Too much revenue lost if they do so. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Gotta leave Vancouver to own an affordable house. Best decision I ever made.
  2. Interesting.... I'd play in Edmonton for $10M a year no problem. With a smile. To each their own.
  3. I don't think Calgary is bad....better than Edmonton. I'd take a job in Calgary for $800k that pretty much guaranteed I'd be on holidays from May to October.
  4. I always thought this was a funny story.... I made all the hot shot teams growing up, won the championships you name it but was always a benchwarmer. So by grade 10 I knew I was done. Continued to play though. I graduated high school and went on to university. The school at that time was just re starting their hockey program so I decided to try out. Big surprise to me...the team stunk. I was easily one of the better players and knew that was a massive problem so I quit right then and there. The school wouldn't stop calling my house. I was being recruited! Man did I feel like a big leaguer so what did I do? I hired an agent! My mom was representing me as my agent fielding calls from the school! I wasn't playing unless I received a full ride..... I never played for the school thankfully as they lost every game by massive margins and I was able to focus on my education which paid off big time. Every so often I remind my mom that she had to be my agent for a short period.
  5. Yes they know how to play hockey in Trail!
  6. The real question is who wears shouldys or a windshield?
  7. My Favorite Mogilny Linden Bure ? Naslund Morrison Bertuzzi Best actual Naslund Morrison Bertuzzi Sedin Sedin Burrows
  8. Yea those invites they sent were annoying lol.
  9. Baer, Raymond, Tammby, Etc. These guys are all the same. Too good and soft for bottom six, too bad for top 6. There are thousands of great players that don't make the show. It's life. You need to bring a unique tool. Motte grinds, Baer doesn't. Brock has a bomb...not Baer.
  10. FINALLY. Would you retire at 36 if you actually liked your job and hung out with the boys all I mean come on I'd take my wage to be in Finance with the Canucks never mind Loui's wage.
  11. Tell him to come to camp in shape. Tell him he gets TT's spot for 20 games. If he comes to camp out of shape or doesn't execute ship him out.
  12. It's 2020....let's start with man lol. Just kidding don't want to offend anyone.
  13. I wouldn't play in fact I left on purpose. Hate rain. But...I'm not an NHL player lol.
  14. I know I'll take heat but I'm not convinced Vancouver is the ideal city to play in. Expensive High taxes Bad travel Bad weather High pressure Average endorsements?