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  1. Whatever, Canucks played really well on the second of a back to back, enough to win. They could've had several different goals in tight that either Greiss made a good stop on or they hit the post. Still very frustrated at the special teams.
  2. At the end of day, special teams is the difference and as per usual the PP looks awful. Losing to this god awful team is just embarrassing.
  3. I can't &^@#ing understand it. Petey tries to go through 3 players and then everyone just literally stands there and watches him shoot. &^@#ing awful
  4. Looking like special teams is gonna be the difference as it was all of last year. Just an absolutely awful powerplay. So weird that Detroit doesn't just stand still and let our skilled players do whatever they want. Watching the Canucks PK, you'd think that's how your supposed to defend.
  5. Just gotta keep pushing and eventually one of these loose pucks will go in.
  6. It's completely incidental contact. It's just unfortunate. That's all there is to it.
  7. There's absolutely no way this should be anything near a freaking major penalty. It was A: a clean hit B: the contact to his head AFTER the original contact, is incidental. Give me a break. It's not hard.
  8. lmfao. I absolutely despise the special teams. They are just completely worthless.
  9. Literally every single cross seam pass gets through when we are on the PK. Meanwhile, on our PP, the cross seam pass is never attempted because when it is attempted, it always gets deflected, like a competent PK does. A competent PK also doesn't literally just give up shots from the slot on both sides, you know, you're supposed to defend them. The only thing our PK seems to prevent is a shot from the point. Because a shot from the point is so much more dangerous than giving skilled shooters a clean look over and over again from the slot. Like seriously. On our PP, any time the puck dares to go near Petey, there's a PKer within his range instantly. Opposing PKs don't randomly give our best players all the time and space in the world like our PK does. Imagine our PK vs our PP. Petey would score 100 goals, because the PK allows the shots, because for some reason we run this ungodly formation where the slot on both the near and far side are always wide open. It just doesn't make sense. At all. Our PK constantly relies on the goalie to be able to save clear looks from the slot. It's just awful. It makes zero sense.
  10. Absolutely atrocious. Clean faceoff loss, as per usual. Player loses his stick lmao. Just abhorrent.
  11. Lol. It's about many things. Including you know, how it's a back to back on the first half of a 6 game road trip and the majority of the 4th line is stapled to the bench when they are travelling to Detroit and playing less than 24 hours away. Spreading out the ice time when you HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to do with a 2 goal lead throughout the third period is not something that's going to happen every single game. When you have the opportunity to spread ice time out, especially in a long road trip, ESPECIALLY in a back to back scenario, you take advantage of that. But I guess we can gaslight people about why they're concerned with the ice time.
  12. 7 minutes TOI for Podkolzin...again. Frustrating to say the least. He was completely benched for all of third. That's seriously how you reward a player for A: scoring, B: this is the first of back to backs, and we had a two goal lead....you had such a glaring opportunity to give the 4th line more ice time in the third and for really no good reason, they were benched. Good, I hope they also get 7 minutes tomorrow in Detroit because why not just tired out the first three lines completely and utterly on back to backs.
  13. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a five hole attempt on a breakaway. It was never even there.
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