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  1. That pass by Miller sums up everything wrong with this PP. No urgency, no creativity, easily defended.
  2. On a PP and we just let the Lowry walk into to our zone, let him shoot, and he's first to the puck in our zone. Incredible. Zero urgency.
  3. Schmidt you're alone in the slot why are you passing off to Vesey at the side, come on.
  4. Every single attempt in that shootout was a complete disgrace. I'm so SICK of watching this team stop playing every time we get a lead. TWICE we got a lead. Both times it immediately became a shooting gallery in our zone. It's so unbelievably rare that this team ever keeps playing when they get a lead. So many blown leads this season, so many blown leads since Green has been here. Just an unbelievable amount of blown leads. Nah get a lead and go out of your way to make horrible plays including constant defensive zone turnover, stop skating and lose every single
  5. Bo & Miller do literally the same exact thing every time. Jesus christ.
  6. Two leads. Two immediate shooting galleries in our zone and two leads gone.
  7. We allow everyone to do whatever they want. I mean I've noticed a clear example how many different times. I can't count how many times Petry has had the puck in our zone and has been able to walk the line and figure out his best option, zero pressure, not even an attempt to put a stick near him. A few minutes ago Hughes tried to do the same thing. There was a Habs player literally GLUED to him....it's almost like they know, you don't give time and space away for free. Not us. Everyone collapse, don't pressure, give them all the time and space in the world.
  8. That was also brutal from Holtby. Completely lost the net there. It was wide open for that shot.
  9. Lol. That was so unbelievably obvious. Jesus &^@#ing christ. Complete shooting gallery after 2-1. It's like they just stop caring haha we got the lead stop skating, make bad passes, low effort.
  10. Those referees need to go to hell. Both goals against a direct result of complete incompetence. Roussel's phantom trip and the missed four minute minor against Myers. It's unbelievable how bad the officiating has been this season. Truly reaching a new level.
  11. What the &^@# are these overtimes against Ottawa and Montreal. Haha just kill all the time guys!! Just gross.
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