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  1. If there was one single team to not give PPs to, it wouldn’t be Tampa, not Boston, not Vegas, not the Avs. It’s this team. I hate seeing the Canucks play this team more than any other by far because they’re not even a team. They’re carried by two players with RNH seemingly only chipping in against us. They’re an NBA team in the NHL. One player along with the Canucks playing pretty poorly is what won them that game. Depsite that in the second period it could’ve easily been 4-4 heading into the third. They had so many chances. Petey hit the crossbar. Boeser almost completely overpowered Koskinen’s glove. Gaudette would’ve scored had he not been tied up by McDavid. Plus the barrage of point shots that ended up in rebounds. Special teams and goaltending was the difference this game. Feel much better playing any other team in the division.
  2. They’re getting a ton of chances among the noise of the puck missing the net.
  3. I mean if they’re gonna call the calls they have on Motte they better call one right in the hands. In classic Nurse fashion complaining about obvious calls.
  4. Guys cmon. MOVE THE PUCK. We keep getting burned cause they’re just holding on to it.
  5. Every time Bo got the puck there at the goal line he couldn’t handle it. Pretty frustrating
  6. God the puck retrieval on our PK has always been horrible. Everything else is done well except that. And it’s killer every single time.
  7. ??? They’re calling a penalty on Motte when two seconds previously he just got hooked. Sure