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  1. Haha you can’t make it up. Not only is it a six game road trip, it’s a six game road trip with a completely random assortment of teams that makes no real sense at all. My expectations were incredibly low and they still weren’t met. Just unbelievable.
  2. Entirely expecting to fall back like every year.
  3. Must be a Canucks game with a terrible start with the team looking slow, and the furthest thing from cohesive.....and the refs calling a terrible penalty against.
  4. It's absurd how rare the first four minutes of this period have been for this team this season. Unfortunately they are a regular occurrence against us.
  5. All sorts of chaos. Describes watching this team defensively for what, 3 straight years?
  6. Our PP being so bad is easily a top 2 reason this team is not making the playoffs. It's so stale and predictable.
  7. 25th ranked PP with the talent on PP1 is absolutely criminal.
  8. Nurse is hilarious. Fuming because an incidental stick hit him on a hit HE went out of his way to give and still took the worse end of it.
  9. WTF is the penalty for? Nurse getting the worse end of a hit he went out of his way to step up on? He just took a hit, completely indidental. Absolute garbage reffing just like it has been this entire season. A complete new low bar of officiating this season.
  10. What's the point of Lind playing if he's not going to actually play? Last shift he got on, made a play back to the D in the neutral zone, and immediately went off.. What the f is the point?
  11. I don't know if anyone feels the same but it has felt like all season long this team has just been smothered. No space to do anything. 5 on 5, PP, PK....feels like every team in this division just plays more aggressive on both sides of the ice. Obviously recently missing Petey has been a gigantic detriment but even with him it felt similar.
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