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  1. Fair enough. I unfortunately had to miss last night's game so I never saw those half a dozen o-zone moments. But I still think the bad in his overall game outweighs the Gud.
  2. lmao yeah okay... I've never seen Gudbranson skate with the puck past the red line.
  3. Never said he was an upgrade. We don't know what we have in him yet. But sometimes a fresh start is all a player needs to get back into it. Look at Del Zotto... He couldn't make it here, but a change of scenery and now he's a regular.
  4. Isn't that also another issue? He's only effective with certain players. Now I know that not everyone super dynamic, but I'm just not comfortable with him being the second highest paid defenseman in the organization playing a bottom-pairing role. Opposing players still run over Marky when he's on the ice since it's easier for the speedy players to get around him especially when he's caught off-foot and unable to recover (it has happened too many times this season). Guddy is more of a post-threat. Maybe if he can find another gear... I feel like Luke Schenn can step in and do a bett
  5. Okay... Gudbranson has the worst turnover differential on the team which contributes to his brutal +/-. I like the guy, and his efforts. But he's just not fast enough to maintain his spot on the team long term.
  6. The fact is: Gudbranson is -25 and Pouliot is +0. Numbers don't lie, people do.
  7. I'd rather have Luke Schenn in than Gudbranson's team worst +/- rating of -25...
  8. Time to call Nikita Tryamkin

    1. soosoodeff


      yes please!!! 10 mill a year doooooo itttttt!!!!!!

  9. Not necessarily. In 3 years LE will have 1 year left on his contract making him easier to trade (with 50% retained). And we wouldn't really have to worry about the buyout cap hit since it would only be for that 1 remaining year. Hopefully Tryamkin wants to come back next year since he's well on his way to proving he's the top defenseman we know he can be. Seeing us get owned tonight just makes me miss Big T even more. :'(
  10. Tryamkin wasn't even trying lol. Benn was giving it his all and he still got owned.

    1. Trebreh


      Benn was humiliated twice by Tram lol

    2. MJDDawg


      Imagine what a Try fight will look like when Try learns to fight and actually gets mad.

    3. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      And Benn left after with an injury. Nikita only fought with one glove off. lol

  11. He's gonna evolve into Blake Wheeler next season.
  12. I wasn't wrong.. 3 points tonight says hi. But yeah we need to accept the fact that we're not (yet) a contender and rebuild asap.
  13. Baertschi was probably on the verge of going on a hot streak until Willie scratched him. Maybe he just needed a night off? This would make more sense than scratching one of our five/six Top 6 players. We literally only have 6 forwards with offensive upside, the rest are two-way or grinders. Granlund is borderline, more like middle 6. But yeah we need more offense if we're going to compete for a playoffs spot. IMO, we should just let the young guns play the rest of the year, trade for blue chips and proven elite forwards, draft Nolan Patrick, and we'll be on our way.
  14. What he does in his personal life is none of our business. But based on watching every interview he's had since being drafted, he says all the right things and does have the team's best interest at heart. Nice Roxy story; but at this point, that's all hearsay. The information you received from them was at best to a 3rd degree, its credibility is extremely low. Therefore making it just as unsubstantial as your alien reference. Just because you heard a couple things from some random bartenders/servers, doesn't mean he's a douchebag. To truly find out if someone is a douchebag, you n
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