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  1. Time to call Nikita Tryamkin

    1. soosoodeff


      yes please!!! 10 mill a year doooooo itttttt!!!!!!

  2. Tryamkin wasn't even trying lol. Benn was giving it his all and he still got owned.

    1. Trebreh


      Benn was humiliated twice by Tram lol

    2. MJDDawg


      Imagine what a Try fight will look like when Try learns to fight and actually gets mad.

    3. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      And Benn left after with an injury. Nikita only fought with one glove off. lol

  3. Hey I felt like making you a new sig!




    Hope you like it! 

    1. SedinMadness


      i love it ty so much!

  4. The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.

  5. Why haven't any of the yard-sale-7 been traded yet?

    1. Phil_314


      How much value can you actually find in a yard sale?

    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      Depends on what you're looking for. "One man's trash..." IMO Cracknell, Vey, and Bartkowski would be very good depth players for any team looking to make the playoffs.

  6. We're the only team in the league that has consistently been .500 all season long.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      win one lose one win two lose two. the fact people thought this team had any chance of making the playoffs even as late as begging of February were totally on crack.

    2. Odd.


      ^or hookah

  7. The Granlund~Shinkaruk trade is exactly the reason why you should never criticize Francesco Aquilini.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles
    2. canuktravella


      to bad the dallas star owner  had got canucks instead of aqualini

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      thank god we have a team with owners willing to spend money..they are also fans and want to win a cup...

  8. Granlund is set to become a restricted free agent this summer, while Shinkaruk is in the first season of his three-year, entry-level contract. I've had enough of JB's antics. 

  9. WOW worst trade by JB thus far. We stole Baertschi from them so we give them Shinkaruk? WTF is his thought process on this?

  10. Most deserved shutout that Miller never got. :( 

    1. canucksnhl


      Indeed. Willie's coaching was good tonight as well. I will take back everything I said about Willie if we can have the same effort from the team for the rest of the season.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Milsy was Goat tonight : D

  11. GG's Lucky Number of the Week: 48

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    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      It is based from a series of numerical calculations that have been converted by removing parts that would prevent me from achieving the goal. Basically I have extracted a certain amount of units that are in this unknown setting of which I refuse to speak of. I can’t talk about it because the process is too complicated for the everyday human. But the number is the result of a good thing. And there is correlation to hockey. It’s private that’s why I’m not revealing why it’s lucky. But trust that it’s lucky and go with it.

      @Kazmanian Devil Since you were the first to comment/like, you will receive 4 random +1s in the next 48 hours.

      @Twilight Sparkle Since you were the second to comment/like, you will receive 8 random +1s in the next 48 hours.

      Tune in next week for an all new lucky number!

    3. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      Also Twilight, if you ended up having sex after all that begging, then it's lucky ^_^

    4. Twilight Sparkle
  12. Lucky number of the week: 7 

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      i'm on droink #7. di i win? :3

    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      @Twilight Sparkle

      LOL! you win 7 +1s! Just ask me to +1 any 7 of your posts. Claim your prize before the next Saturday's lucky number :P

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      You can +1 whatever was my latest activity X3

  13. Cause it's you and me against the world now. <3

  14. I'm starting a new series called "GG's lucky number of the week" right here on CDC. I will be posting a lucky number every Saturday.

    This week's lucky number is: 33

    Tune in next Saturday for an all new lucky number!

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