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  1. Benning didn't look happy with his own pick. Like he knew he was making a mistake and it felt wrong. When the fans boo'ed he looked like he was going to cry.
  2. He wouldn't be around team supplied buffets, and hockey would no longer be in the way of cocaine so I suspect he would be looking pretty good
  3. This is an important topic and must be discussed. Nobody knows how much this move will come back to haunt us in the future. Benning didn't even take this into consideration.
  4. This really shows the growth of Jim Benning as a gm. I have no idea how he got Future under contract to begin with, I would of assumed he would of signed with ROC nation. I guess Jet Black has more street cred than we all knew.
  5. Benning with one of his typical over payments I bet he retained salary for tampa to take this future guy as well.
  6. First no Chara, now no Krejci, and maybe no Rask? They just signed Ullmark at 5 mill per. Only have a shade over a mill in cap space left. Bergeron is 36 and could be on his way out soon as well. Marchand is 33. Poor Taylor Hall, just when he thinks he's finally signing with a good team it seems the Bruins could be on the decline VERY soon lol.
  7. Tyson Jost had 104 points in 48 games in his draft year in the bchl and went 10th overall. Kent Johnson put up the same numbers A YEAR BEFORE his draft year. Lol I know this doesn't really have anything to do with Jost re-signing with the Avs, but dang Johnson could be good. Looking forward to following him with the bluejackets.
  8. Last year we: -Lost our best player -Quinn Hughes came back down to earth after not playing with Tanev, and had to slowly adjust. -Took a gamble on a back up goalie that didn't work out. The team then played him over 20 times in a 50 game season. Maybe they weren't ready to give a full work load to Demko as his first year as a starter, but this also hurt the team. -Had cancers and guys with bad attitudes that have since been removed. -Had Alex Edler (unfortunately) slowly declining right before our eyes, but still playing big minutes. -Had zero scoring from out black hole bottom six. -Lost Tyler Motte for half the season This year we: -Get our best player back. -Have upgraded options to play with Quinn Hughes so he can return to form. -Have "hopefully" a better plan at goaltending (more work for Demko) as well as an upgraded back up option. -Removed the cancers. -Parted with Edler, and got younger more effective options. -Got Jason Dickinson, one of Hoglander or Pearson, and most likely Podkolzin who all represent a huge upgrade to the bottom six and will add more offence. -Get Motte back. Its hard not to be optimistic, as it seems like a lot of issues and glaring needs were taken care of, but then again it is the middle of the summer and this is all on paper.
  9. Since when did the NHL become the NFL? Whoever happens to be the latest guy re-signed at his postion also ends up being the highest paid. Crazy.
  10. He's the pool man. He's not in a pool, man. He cleans the pool slow and methodically, and then cracks a cold one at the end of his shift to admire his work. Meanwhile, huggy comes running across the pool deck full speed with his rubber duck arm floaties and poolman has to yell at him to slow the hell down! (This is the relationship i picture on the ice as well)
  11. Poolman has had the equivalent of a cup of coffee in the nhl, while Hamonic aka the harmonica has been around for 10 years. We gave Poolman a 4 year deal at almost the same dollar amount that we gave Hamonic for 2 years. Lets not pretend like its the same thing.
  12. I wasn't comparing Hakanpaa to Poolman, someone else was, and what i posted clearly wasn't an opinion, as I was just responding to to the previous post. I literally just posted facts. Hakanpaa is bigger, had more hits, blocked more shots, Poolman has a better corsi, and seems to be more defensively responsible (Like Chris Tanev). Is any of that untrue?
  13. Byram, Newhook, Jost. BC boys to the rescue!
  14. That's a tough ask. He'll want to go all the way eventually.
  15. Huggy, harmonica, and the poolman sitting at a bar....
  16. Haha early I said this deal could turn ugly and your response was "you could say that about any player!!!" And then I used Panarin as a RANDOM example of the type of player the Canucks could pursue in free agency if they didn't waste money on guys like Beagle and Roussel and your response was "when did Panarin want to play here!?" I feel like I'm in an argument with my 12 year old brother Ps- I agree, it's an interesting bet...they obviously see something in him worth while!
  17. So Hakaanpa is bigger, hits alot more, blocks more shots, plays more minutes, and starts in his defensive zone more often. But Poolmans Corsi is slightly higher, and is generally defensively effective ( a la Chris Tanev). Does that kind of sum it up?
  18. It depends on how you look at it I guess. Most people don't expect Poolman to ever be a top 4 defenceman. So with that said, is 2.5 million ever considered value for a #6 guy on your team? Back to the point of if this guy is just a depth 6th/7th defenceman, why wouldn't you just reserve that space for an up and coming defenceman who is only going to cost you 900 grand. You all of a sudden have an extra 1.6 million that you could use to throw at a real impact signing. Anyways, I really do hope Poolman can prove us wrong, it just might be hard to do for 4 full years.
  19. We wouldn't of had to trade a first round pick away if Benning was more savvy with his signings. I would say that qualifies as going horribly wrong. It's about the big picture my friend, not just Poolman individually.
  20. Lol. Great input, thanks. The point is Benning more than anyone should know that overpaying bottom pairing defencemen and 4th line depth guys usually ends up being a bad move. What would you rather of had a few years ago, and what is more impactful for a team: Panarin as a free agent, while letting Macewan, Motte, etc do there thing on the 4th line for cheap or: No Panarin, and overpayed 4th line guys, who take up money for true impact signings. Sure, Poolman may be fine and play 4 full years for the Canucks. But at the same time that means he's.peobanly going to take the spot of someone like Jet Woo who could grow into the same role or better, for half the price.
  21. 2.5.... meh not that bad! 3 million each for Beagle and Roussel? Meh not that bad!! It's definitely easy to see how this signing could go horribly wrong in a fee years for sure.
  22. So to summarize: -Oliver Ekmann Larson is an upgrade on Edler. - There could have been better options than Hamonic in the top 4 but he just has to be an upgraded version of himself from last season and it's a short term win. It's only 2 years and then the Canucks can go hunting for a bigger prize again. - Poolman will be a pleasant surprise as a bottom pairing guy if we don't expect him to play like a top 4. 4 years is fine because he will be a steady and reliable guy every year.
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