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  1. I would like to see Eriksson bought out, but I don't know if FA or the organization has the stomach for it. I can't see Virtanen bought out, either he'll have his contract terminated for Code of Conduct. I would like to see Holtby picked up by Seattle, hopefully this comes to fruition as well. If all these things came to pass it would give us a good chunk of change for upgrades at center and D. I'd think we could get a decent backup for $2m, leaving about $4m for other players.
  2. While the roster can use improvement, it can always be worse. With the amount of dead money on the books for next season (Eriksson, Luongo) and contracts that we are likely not able to get rid of (Rousell, Beagle) I wouldn't be terribly disappointed with starting the season with the team we could ice currently. We would ice a much younger team, and I'm okay with that. We aren't looking to contend for a cup next year and the younger players need to get some experience so that in 2-3 years from now they can be relied on in some capacity. I made a few assumptions creating this lineup. - I think it will take the reported $15m to sign both Petterson and Hughes. I arbitrarily split this evenly between them for total costing. - Podkolzin signs for the ELC max - Juolevi, Lind, Gadjovic, Bowey sign for their 10% qualifying offers. - We resign one of Hamonic or Edler to a $2m/season, no defining term. - Ferland and Beagle stay on LTIR which I think is a reasonable expectation. - We can't dispose of any dead weight players, and I'm not in favor of giving up picks/prospects to do it at this stage. - We don't know who Seattle will take in the expansion draft so I included all contracts. LW $ C $ RW $ Podkolzin $925,000 Petterson $7,500,000 Boeser $5,875,000 $14,300,000 Extra Person $3,250,000 Horvat $5,500,000 Hoglander $891,667 $9,641,667 Roussel $3,000,000 Highmore $725,000 Miller $5,250,000 Virtanen $2,550,000 $8,525,000 Gadjovic $1,000,000 Motte $1,225,000 Lind $1,000,000 MacEwan $825,000 $3,050,000 $35,516,667 LD RD Hughes $7,500,000 Myers $6,000,000 $13,500,000 Extra Juolevi $1,000,000 Schmidt $5,950,000 $6,950,000 Hamonic/Edler $2,000,000 Rathbone $925,000 Bowey $1,100,000 $2,025,000 $22,475,000 LTIR Demko $5,000,000 Ferland $3,500,000 Holtby $4,300,000 Beagle $3,000,000 $9,300,000 Dead money Eriksson $4,875,000 Luongo $3,035,212 $7,910,212 Total $81,201,879 Could this lineup use help? Absolutely. Can we afford to upgrade? Not without significant changes that I don't think can be made currently. Seattle will help by taking a player, and I hope it would be Holtby or Virtanen from a cap perspective, but until that time comes we can't make much of any changes or add salary. I would be okay going into the season with the lineup above. One could quibble over who plays where, or change out one rookie for another (ie Gadjovic vs Lockwood) but overall I think it could be a good team development season.
  3. I like to see that Jake has had a couple really good passes per game for the last number of games. He’ll never be a distributor but it adds to his overall game. If he keeps it up teams won’t be able to defend him as a shot only player which will help open up his time and space.
  4. I still can’t understand why if Jake is in the top 5 of points, goals and +/- why his ice time per game is in the bottom third.
  5. Kid has skill, and I know the league is trading smaller but his size gives me pause. My 12 year old is bigger than him. I hope the best for him and the organization. As as long as he can hold his own against larger centers and maintain his own defensively I’ll be happy.
  6. A lot of people compare him to Bertuzzi, fair or unfair. Lokking up stats, Bertuzzi didn't break 20 goals until he was 24. at 22 years old he had 13 goals split between the islanders and Canucks.
  7. Good Luck to Luongo. He was a class act the last couple years.
  8. I like it, but i'd prefer to keep Bieksa. Swap out for Edler and adjust the picks appropriately.
  9. We trade Edler, if for nothing else, we have 4 guys making $4.5+M per season and Tanev is going to want in the $3M range. That's a lot for a 5th dman. Because of this, one of the 5 needs to go and Edler likely has the highest return. Depending on what you can fetch for Edler will dictate what you do with Kesler. If Edler gets at #1/2 center or winger to play with Kesler then we keep him. If you getA grade prospects and picks, then you trade Kesler. Personally, I hope for the center/winger.
  10. Regardless of the player we get in return, they better have size for the line they play on. You look at the top teams in our division and they are all huge. No shrimps need apply here. We need to be able to compete within our division if we are going to have a chance at the conference or league.
  11. 3-1 Canucks with an empty netter. Weise tries to run someone because he's bitter that he got traded, Sestito kicks the crap out of him.
  12. Linden doesn't want the job. In fact I doubt he wants anything to do with the organization. Whether it was Burke, Noonis, Gillis or Aqualini, they all recognize that if they liked him or not, the city loves him and he would be an asset to the organization. If Linden wanted a job with the Canucks he'd have it in a heart beat. He has all the qualifications as previously mentioned. He has the following. Does he want the job?
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