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  1. If Stamkos doesn't re-sign with Tampa wouldn't it make sense for Tampa to trade him at the deadline? to a cup contending team? , and what would his value be

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    2. Patrick Kane

      Patrick Kane

      There's no way they don't re-sign him.

    3. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      Only way they don't re-sign is if he's hellbent about NOT being in T-Bay. It's rare, but it happens that a player doesn't want to stay somewhere. But with Yzerman as GM, I see him getting locked up. Maybe he wants to lead his hometown Maple Leafs back to the promise land ;). Also if there's any feud between him and Cooper, Cooper'll go first.

    4. Chalky


      He's signing in Toronto regardless, don't you remember? He said he wanted to play there.

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