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  1. I don't think Green is a great coach but the issue is more Benning's terrible asset management. He has made some good moves but typically it is one step forward two steps back hence why the team loses year after year, spends to the cap, trades/downgrades more picks than acquired etc. Benning had an opportunity to stock up on picks and doing a proper rebuild but instead of weaponizing cap space he blew it on free agent signings with unmovable contracts. Just never seems to have a plan or any concrete strategy
  2. Happened about 10 years later than it should have! AHL games cost about 1/8th as much as NHL games (for comparable seats) and can be fun to watch some of the prospects play. I moved to Toronto in 2015 and got to see the Comets play quite a bit. When I lived out in Langley it was awesome watching the Chicago Wolves in Abbotsford. So much easier than getting into Vancouver and way cheaper.
  3. We should leave Myers exposed. I highly doubt Seattle will pick a 31 year old, average defender making 6 milllion per year. Only GMJB is dumb enough to hand out that kind of contract.
  4. Its so insane how much money is taken off. And the highest tax bracket in Canada is only $216K per year which isn't even enough to get you a house in the Lower Mainland or GTA
  5. Huge steal for Calgary - Bennet and Virtanen have pretty similar career numbers although Bennett seems to have a great playoff track record. If we got either the 2nd OR Heineman for Jake I would have been dancing
  6. He probably comes back to the NHL for another Canadian team, has success, so we get Toffolied again.
  7. Evolving Hockey - I used to have a paid subscription but not anymore so I no longer have access so the new charts are a bit crude " Goals Above Average & Replacement (Skaters): Goals Above Replacement (GAR, WAR, and SPAR) is a metric that attempts to assign a total value to each player, which represents how much that player contributed to their team in a single number. " The goals above replacement are actual numbers, expected goals against replacement are what the expected results are based on outputs (fenwick, essentially play driving). His actual and expected were both
  8. Pearson and Sheary actually have identical career numbers (.46 points per game) and are two months apart in age. Sheary is having a better season at 11 goals 19 points vs 6 goals 11 points but Pearson is coming off of a better prior year. Last year Pearson put up points but had some of the worst underlying numbers on the team. He was absolutely dreadful defensively - not that he is necessarily bad defensively but certainly not suited for that role. That said I have no issue with Pearson as a player per se and he is fine as a middle 6 forward. For the same term & price
  9. Mete was Juolevi's D partner in London and they were great together. Vatanen as a RH finnish vet would have also been a good fit with Juolevi. TBH I would have been pumped if we had picked up Mete
  10. Gadjovich is on fire! Big tough dude was well - hope to see him on the Canucks next year
  11. Benning has done a great job at the draft - but isn't drafting mostly the responsibility of the head of scouting? Good thing we have Judd Brackett. Oh wait... His asset management is laughable. How during a 7 year period where we should be rebuilding he trades away more picks than he acquires, spends to the cap, logjams cap space with terrible contracts and now that we have the core players in place under good contracts we don't have the room to get them a proper supporting cast. Good example is Thomas Vanek vs Loui Eriksson. The year we signed Eriksson I wanted Vanek
  12. Pearson had some of the worst underlying stats on the team as well last year despite his offensive output. Also consider before coming to Vancouver he was likely headed to the waiver wire. I don't mind Pearson but not the type of player to tie up 10 million dollars in.
  13. We are a team where our top players are on dirt cheap contracts, we had a 7 year "rebuild window", spend up to the cap and yet haven't really made any steps forward. The Covid cup run was a nice glimpse but lets be honest the team would have missed the playoffs if not for the stoppage.
  14. All of those contracts are significantly better than Pearson's and every player on that list is outperforming Pearson this season. If they are overpaid what does that make Pearson
  15. He probably would have gotten 1x1.75 in free agency. I would have been OK at 2x2. He got too much money and too much term, like many of Benning’s signings. Look at last years signings that were cheaper contracts - Hoffman 1 year x 4 million 21 points Jesper Fast - 3 years 2 mil per 17 points Granlund - 1 year 3.75 per 17 points Ryan - 1 year 1 million 14 points Soderberg - 1 year 1 million 14 points Maroon - 2 years 1.8 per 18 points Haula - 1 year 1.75 million 13 points Brassard - 1 year 1 mill
  16. Inheritance is different - I am talking about this : https://torontosun.com/2016/05/12/311-million-vancouver-mansion-owned-by-student or flat out banning ownership of this type
  17. Just ban foreign home ownership like many other cities/countries around the world or charge additional tax to someone who owns a property that does not sync with their income tax. For example, if you own a $20M home and claim $8K in income taxes and have no history of appropriate income tax claims there should be additional tax applied so that way homes are reserved for people contributing and working in the economy.
  18. He put up points last year but his underlying numbers were abysmal. This year he has 11 points in 33 games. I don't mind him but he is a dime a dozen player. 3 Years @1.5 or 2 years @1.75 I am fine anything more in terms of price or term is an overpayment
  19. Eriksson for Stralman makes sense. Florida saves 1.5 million in cash and losing $500k in cap space next year doesn’t really impact them. Canucks save $500k in cap in the trade but also get a Jordie Benn replacement for next season so saving effectively $.5-$1.5 million in cap space (5 for Eriksson in the minors an plus 1-2 million it would cost for a Stralman-level dman)
  20. After reading Gillis' GM proposal I would have love to see what he would have done in a rebuild situation. He was on the right track picking up the Utica Comets, hiring Judd Brackett, and acquiring Horvat. In 2014 he said he would have drafted Dylan Larkin so who knows - with top 10 picks and a focus on acquiring picks + Brackett at the helm, and control of our development we would have likely seen a huge turnaround in drafting but who knows. Just looking at this - and knowing we spent to the cap during all of Benning's years, plus that 1 playoff appearance is a bit of an asterisk (we woul
  21. Actually before we made the Toffoli and Miller trades we had still given up or downgraded more picks than acquired so thank you. 2nd round pick and top 5 prospect for 17 games of Toffoli. He hit a home run on Miller I just hope we make the playoffs again before his contract is up - and the Schmidt trade was great.
  22. 2014... its 2021 now. Using Gillis as an excuse is asinine.
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