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  1. I think both Azzy and aGent need a good kick in the shin.
  2. Slavin Goodrow Price ALL INJURED &^@#$&!#$&!#&^@#
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Roster - 20 players Malkin - McDavid - Rust Danault - Krejci - Clutterbuck Lehkonen - Gourde - *Goodrow Luostarinen - Sceviour - Perreault Kuraly Josi - *Slavin Cole - Romanov Stralman - Timmins *Price Look out!
  4. Don't get me started Philly. I've been avoiding GDT's because I don't want to harsh everyone's mellow... But all our coaches and half the team need to be put in a boat and shipped to Antarctica.
  5. I watch when the Sens or Jets are on Punjabi but not HNIC because Toronto.
  6. I think Deniro is trying to say Brown is &^@#ing brutal but doesn't want to say it. It's ok man, Brown is trash. I agree.
  7. It's that guy? Man, he's always so fired up for Punjab edition. Very bland and boring af in English. He could work on that. He's awesome on Punjabi HNIC. Like, I have no idea what he's saying but I keep the volume on because they sound so excited.
  8. That's the thing tho. Green has had years with this club and I cant point to a single player who has taken leaps and bound under Green's tutelage. And we're not winning. Dump and chase offense paired with collapsing box defense in &^@#ing painful to watch. We need a new coach.
  9. I got whiskey stones a while back, used em twice. Meh I guess I prefer room temp or on ice
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