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  1. I think both Azzy and aGent need a good kick in the shin.
  2. Slavin Goodrow Price ALL INJURED &^@#$&!#$&!#&^@#
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Roster - 20 players Malkin - McDavid - Rust Danault - Krejci - Clutterbuck Lehkonen - Gourde - *Goodrow Luostarinen - Sceviour - Perreault Kuraly Josi - *Slavin Cole - Romanov Stralman - Timmins *Price Look out!
  4. Don't get me started Philly. I've been avoiding GDT's because I don't want to harsh everyone's mellow... But all our coaches and half the team need to be put in a boat and shipped to Antarctica.
  5. I watch when the Sens or Jets are on Punjabi but not HNIC because Toronto.
  6. I think Deniro is trying to say Brown is &^@#ing brutal but doesn't want to say it. It's ok man, Brown is trash. I agree.
  7. It's that guy? Man, he's always so fired up for Punjab edition. Very bland and boring af in English. He could work on that. He's awesome on Punjabi HNIC. Like, I have no idea what he's saying but I keep the volume on because they sound so excited.
  8. That's the thing tho. Green has had years with this club and I cant point to a single player who has taken leaps and bound under Green's tutelage. And we're not winning. Dump and chase offense paired with collapsing box defense in &^@#ing painful to watch. We need a new coach.
  9. I got whiskey stones a while back, used em twice. Meh I guess I prefer room temp or on ice
  10. I dont care. Hes not in the same category as Brindamour, as a player or as a coach. Career winning avg vs career sub .500 "development" coach who really got guys like Jake Virtanen and.. uhhh like uhhh Boeser to "round out" their games. Alf growing rainbows
  11. Are you kidding me? Rod the bod is a better coach. Brindamour has over .640 win avg, Green is .490. Puts Greens value at 1.38m, but because he isnt even .500 there needs to be a down adjustment. 1.25m is more than fair IMO. Edit- that said, I'm not in favour of extending Green, Brown or Baumer.
  12. Somebody suspend this guy, his positivity is sickening. Take that trash to HF where it belongs, traitor!
  13. Ancestral you'll have to get through Vancouver Seed Bank, but JOTI is independent, online ordering.
  14. I've had good experiences with Ancestral Seeds and Jordan of the Islands. I'll be going back to them for next year. Good news tho, I managed to grab a few fem'd seedlings last weekend, couple classic strains I've grown before. Purebred Afghan and White Widow. Also got a Northernberry, which is Blueberry x Northern Lights, will be fun to compare to the Blue Warp from another friend. I've grown Blueberry, Time Warp and Northern Lights before, so the hybrids should be fun to grow next to eachother. Blueberry finishes a bit late for my liking but maybe the Warp and Lights genetics will speed
  15. It's all about reminding Baumer of himself to gain favour. Get caught out of position regularly, and make sure all your shots are at least 2ft wide.
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