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  1. There was a play early in the 3rd (I think), he fumbled the puck entering the O-zone and kinda looked down and reached for it while he skated into double coverage in the boards.. Think it was Oleksiak, but some Seattle dman let up on him... that shouldn't happen. It was lazy and dangerous. He's lucky
  2. The 16min nap they gave Grubauer turned out to be a good thing I guess. Garland and Cpt. Bo were too much for all 20 Krakers
  3. "And practice some defensive play" With who? Nolan Baumgartner? That's not gonna help.
  4. Food and drink? Cheese tortellini in a crispy pancetta carbonara w/ mini marzanos. Mixed greens and filone. Probably have a glass of the wifes sangiovese with it, or just stick to beers. Have some cechvars and a few random Phillip's beers in the fridge. Probably have a Tully after the game.
  5. It's troubling they allow Baumer on the ice attempting to "teach" our players how to be a career plug.
  6. Patrick Kane (retained) is available out of Florida. Patty is in the final year of his contract, willing to waive his NMC and looking for another opportunity to win it all! Here's the catch, it needs to be a long term fit. Patty isn't a rental player and we'll happily extend him in FLA if a suitable deal/fit isn't found. We're confident we'll be a competitive team again before his cap hit becomes a burden so we are willing to keep him around to guide the youth for a few seasons if what we see as fair value isn't attained in the market. "Fair value" is not a bouquet of $&!#ty mid round picks and crappy prospects, nor is it mid aged bottom sixers and mid round picks. We are willing to move Patty, but be reasonable and make the kind of offers you'd actually accept if you had team that's incredibly close to breaking out. @BoKnowsand myself are available here on CDC, but DM's on discord are preferable and responded to more promptly. Best,
  7. Cheers Crabby, you are lumped in the good guys category for me. That said, I look forward to dealing with you in FL in the future. If it takes nine cowards to fire me without any sort of private discussion there's no way I would ever return to such a bastardized and incestuous league, devoid of process, logic, reason, and rational judgment. I will leave now, and not post in here again unless there's any more half witted justification from the board of cowards. Truly, I really enjoy a bunch of you fellas, and we'll chat about stuff that actually matters in other threads. Wind at your back, sunshine on your shoulders. Cheers
  8. Whoa whoa whoa 9 of you and not a single one thought to check in or even ask one question? Just knee jerk insta-fire without due process or any sort of process of escalation. Glad I'm out. Every post from this BoG makes it look more and more like a clown show.
  9. Yes I take it all back. Forgot the office wifi added YouTube to blocked because the sales staff are idiots.
  10. Brutal, censorship has gone too far. Maybe it's just a "right now" thing, but all the links are broken.. Disappointing!
  11. Ice mix is a classic. Was always a bad sign to see kids "freeze" up when asked, or to actually go looking.
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