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  1. Agreed. I definitely like the balance this coming year compared to last. Hopefully OEL and Myers can find some chemistry. I'm just not overly confident that he can be a top pairing guy effectively.
  2. Neither have great numbers but Subban's contract is over this year. I like Myers, I Just haven't seen the play to suggest Myers is a top pairing guy.
  3. Wasn't aware his play had fallen off that much. We don't use Myers in a top pairing role much. I will have to see it to believe it. He is our highest paid RHD though. Maybe PK isn't the answer just not sure Myers is either if we are in win now mode.
  4. I like Myers at times. But he seems to have difficulty when pressured in his own end. For the money we pay him he should be our top guy on the right side and he just doesn't seem to fit that role.
  5. A trade option once we have signed our RFA (Petey, Hughes, Dickinson and Juolevi) To Canucks : PK Subban ( retained sallary depending on how much cap we have left after RFA signings) To Devils : Tyler Myers Subban only has one year left and with the Hamilton signing they likely want to move him. Subban may be a better fit paired with OEL than Myers. Plus this gives more cap flexibility for next year to go after Parayko if he makes it to free agency.
  6. Hopefully he's a good fit. He has size and is a right shot. Not a fan of the 4 year term though. Hopefully I am proven wrong.
  7. Honestly will lose some respect for Pettersson if he signs an offer sheet. If he does it shows he doesn't care about competing for a cup in Van.
  8. He'd be good if he could stay healthy. Not a lot of confidence he will though.
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