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  1. This trade will go down as one of JB's worst. Highmore looks like another meh player. At least Gaudette could put the puck in the net.
  2. We could use 1 more high end prospect. If we can turn this season in to a decent draft pick it's a win.
  3. They look tired. Execution has been poor to say the least. Obviously they are still affected by covid as they don't seem to have another gear. Even if they made the playoffs they don't look competitive so what's the point. May as well look to next year when they will have Petey back and Podkolzin in the line up. Also was willing to see what Highmore would bring. So far looks like a downgrade on Gaudette.
  4. Who's whining. I said you gotta love it. It's made sweeter by winning while Craig is in the house.
  5. He said in his interview the other day that he has lost some weight but that he has always had a good appetite so will have no problem putting it back on.
  6. Gotta love beating the leafs when Hughson and Simpson are calling the game. Massive TO homers. Can't stand Simpson's voice ever since 2011 playoffs.
  7. Having Ottawa for 4 in a row after the next Toronto game will be a blessing. Not saying these will be easy games but they are a good team to play as we get back up to speed and we have had a good record against them so far.
  8. He played with a lot of heart tonight. As did the whole team. This whole experience with covid seems to have bonded the team. You could see the extra emotion when Bo scored in OT.
  9. I thought this article on canucksarmy was interesting. The basic premise is what if we had just drafted the player with the best points per game https://canucksarmy.com/2021/03/30/sham-sharron-hockey-draft-vancouver-canucks/
  10. Vatanen could have been a good pick up as we had priority over Dallas to claim him. Hopefully this means we will see more of Juolevi in the line up.
  11. I like Pearson and think he's been a good fit with Bo. I don't mind keeping him around but I think this is far more than he would have got as a UFA. His contract immediately becomes yet another undesirable contract trade wise. If he can get back to the production he had last year than it's not terrible. At least he doesn't have any trade protection in the final year of the contract.
  12. If some of our guys aren't ready to go for the restart maybe it makes sense to pick up some guys off waivers. Mete and Vatanen would be of interest. Vatanen could be done his quarantine and would only miss a few games. Apparently they were interested in acquiring Vatanen before they signed Hamonic.
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