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  1. Watching Habs fans trip out over Radulov. So entertaining.

  2. If you had the choice of Glass/Makar/Vilardi at #5 who do you pick?

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    2. BananaMash


      Glass, Petterson, Vilardi, Makar.


      In that order. 

    3. Alflives


      Makar, Glass, Petersson.  

    4. Salmonberries


      Vilardi or Petterson

  3. Did Tryamkin go to KHL to avoid being taken by Vegas? Is this a possibility or am I just not looking into it enough? lol

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    2. Ghostsof1915
    3. Ryanstorm


      I was going to delete the status... but the comments were just too good. lol

    4. Nuck1991


      @Bur14Kes17 why wouldnt he sign with vegas, i mean sure theres a possibility he wouldnt but vegas can offer him a spot on roster and possibly more money. I know education cant fix stupid, bud ur uneducated and stupid, cant even back ur argument and im embrassing myself by presenting u the facts that u didnt know? All i did say was that its a high risk move where team could loose him to vegas, idk why its so difficult fr u to understand, i mean thats laymans language.

  4. I'm not saying trade the Sedins but what do you think their value is and what teams do you think would trade for them at this point in time?

    1. smithers joe
    2. thejazz97


      Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida are the only teams that can trade for them really, maybe Calgary, Buffalo, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Tampa... depending on the return.

  5. Hutton 4 Parayko?

    1. Alflives


      No.  We need offence from our D.  Although I do like Parayko.

    2. TheOgRook


      Um, no but there's a time to realize it's bedtime ;) 

    3. Ryanstorm


      Come on man it was 5am and I just went to bed after. Lol

  6. Anyone know of any fantasy hockey leagues that are looking for players?

  7. Probably could have signed Hammer for 3.5 Mil for 2 or 3 years. Why didn't we do this again?

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    2. Jägermeister
    3. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      I think he wanted to play somewhere a little closer to a Stanley Cup.

    4. ItsMillerTime


      @Wild Sean Monahan he wanted to stay. Also he could of been traded at deadline but didn't waive.

  8. Was hoping for Brouwer but at least we go Eriksson.

  9. This draft went from high expectations to disappointment. Just like last season went.

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    2. Ryanstorm


      I liked the Lockwood and Juolevi picks, the rest were boring. Considering we were hoping to get a Matthews/Laine, I was just hoping for one of the top 2 fins. I think the thing that pissed me off the most was Edmonton got one. Oh well, another disappointing end to the season.

    3. BananaMash


      Candella is an underrated pick in my opinion. I feel like he would have been ranked much higher had he played the whole season.

    4. ShakyWalton


      Abols is a good pick as well..he is 20,,,can go right to Utica...big guy.

  10. Hansen has our best right hand shot. Why trade him? We need him next year. He is one of our core players I think.

    1. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Because CDC.



      (btw, I completely agree with you.)

    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      if your one of our young players how could you not notice his determination, he's a keeper !!!!!

    3. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      No doubt. A highly underrated player who brings so many intangibles. He is worth way more to us then we would receive in return for him via trade. People who think he will get us a 1st round pick are dreaming. As good of a player as he is, at most we would get would be a 2nd round pick, or a young prospect/project and a 3rd-5th round pick (depending on how good the prospect was). Just not worth it in my opinion.

  11. Trade #5 pick.

  12. All I want for Christmas is to play NHL on PC. :'(

    1. -AJ-


      Tell me about it.

    2. SedinMadness


      i play hockey on the pc still. lol nhl 09

  13. We should trade the pick.

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      To Toronto for their 1st?


      I'm in.

  14. H1N1 sucks..

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      a friend of mine was a casualty of that 2 years ago. hope you get well. i dont wish a sickness like that upon anybody

    3. Gstank29


      Isnt there a cure for H1N1? or is that a vaccine?

    4. Ryanstorm


      Sorry for your loss Twilight that's really horrible. This just came out of nowhere. Yes I failed to get my flu shot and that is what prevents it apparently.

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