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  1. Did Tryamkin go to KHL to avoid being taken by Vegas? Is this a possibility or am I just not looking into it enough? lol

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    2. Ghostsof1915
    3. Ryanstorm


      I was going to delete the status... but the comments were just too good. lol

    4. Nuck1991


      @Bur14Kes17 why wouldnt he sign with vegas, i mean sure theres a possibility he wouldnt but vegas can offer him a spot on roster and possibly more money. I know education cant fix stupid, bud ur uneducated and stupid, cant even back ur argument and im embrassing myself by presenting u the facts that u didnt know? All i did say was that its a high risk move where team could loose him to vegas, idk why its so difficult fr u to understand, i mean thats laymans language.

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