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  1. Did Tryamkin go to KHL to avoid being taken by Vegas? Is this a possibility or am I just not looking into it enough? lol

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    2. Nuck1991


      @Bur14Kes17 Bitch.

      hes unsigned, vegas has a window to sign UFAs and RFAs, so this is how it goes, either canucks sign him( if he s ever going to be tradedn which is never) or im sure vegas will sign him.

      u gona try to put in simpler terms fr me? im sure im more educated than ur last 3 generations combined

    3. Bur14Kes17


      @Nuck1991 you should really just stop because you're just embarrassing yourself now. Yes he's an RFA and Yes Vegas can sign RFA's (your 2 for 2 right now) but you kind of forgot the part where Nichuskin would have to actually want to sign with Vegas..... And Vegas is going to suck balls just like the senators did for the next 5 years. Where as Vancouver probably only has another two years at the bottom before we are contending again and could offer him an appealing place to play at that point. I'm not sure I can explain it any simpler then that. Sorry youngin, education can't fix stupid.

    4. SabreFan1
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