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  1. 1 more thing. Of all of the active dmen between the ages of 27-32, OEL is among the elite in terms of number of times in the Norris voting. Name, Age, Yrs. In Norris Voting, Salary Doughty 31 9 11.5 Karlsson 31 8 11 Hedman 30 7 7.875 Pietrangelo 31 7 8.8 Josi 31 7 9.059 OEL 30 5 7.25(for us) Carlson 31 5 8 Hamilton 28 5 9 Slavin 27 5 5.3 2 things: OEL is very much undervalued by the media and som
  2. Khaira has had concussion issues. I assume a red flag for a guy you want as an enforcer. Also, with the situation with Ferland, they are probably gun shy. I look at it more as "team" toughness. Garland, Motte, Highmore and Hogz are smallish but agressive and don't get pushed around and don't tak crap. EP and Hughes, Rathbone and OJ are slight good enough that they avoid the mess generally. OEL, Boeser, Sutter, are good sized and don't get pushed around but don't really scrap. Horvat, Podkolzin, Myers, Dickinson, Pearson, Poolman and Miller are a littl
  3. Eichel is poison. Petey is driven and confident but Swedish not American, so he's not a dick like Eichel. No way I make this trade. Dahlin is probably better all around player, but Hughes is much better offensively. I'll stick with Hughes. I think our guys have much more team attitudes.
  4. I think we are a much better team when Motte is in the lineup. Green loves him. I wouldn't trade him. We have enough with Ferland to sign the guys we need to sign.
  5. If Galchenyuk could be had for league min and was committed to being a team player, my be worth a shot. I don't know if he has the right attitude we're looking for though. I looked around and the only Russians available are Galchenyuk and Gusev. Grigorenko and Nesterov are in the KHL. If JB thinks Podz needs a buddy, these are his only options. Although I think Podz is a very different person than Tryamkin. He is a leader and has an aggression and ambition that won't let anything stand in his way.
  6. Myers was really strong in the bubble. He gets a little overzealous at times, but is a strong skating, long reach, quality guy who wants to be here. He also keeps himself in very good shape so he will not diminish. What I like is that everybody has a place where they belong now. Edler was sort of a number 1 but didn't produce enough offence. Schmidt was totally adrift and overpaid for what he brought. Myers seemed to feel he had to do too much, OEL will settle him down. 1st pair OEL Myers Hughes Hamonic OJ Poolman Rathbone Schenn Br
  7. RWers that Garland outscored per game last year. All but 14 in the entire NHL. Including Bjorkstrand, Kessel, Svechnikov, Reinhart, Konecny, Gallagher, Bailey, Keller, Donskoi, Atkinson, Eberle, Tarasenko, Meier, etc... One he didn't: Boeser. So we have 2 of the top 15 scoring RWers in the NHL. Pretty sweet.
  8. I am not a fan of anything that brings better talent to a rival. Eichel is the best player in the deal by far. However, he is also a cancer. Those two contracts would choke the Flames and I promise Eichel will not be happy in Calgary and will want to be traded again within 2 years. If I were Calgary, I would stay far away from giving away this much for a cancer who won't be happy. I would just try to trade Johnny Whiner, I mean Hockey, for something that helps my team and doesn't screw me salary-wise.
  9. I actually don't think we need another really good dman. We currently have 2 of the top 5 dmen we have ever had in the 50 history of the team and we have them at the same time. I think Rathbone and OJ have a chance to be long term excellent nhlers and we just need Myers, Hamonic, Poolman, etc.. to be defensive warriors to support them.
  10. Center depth at the end of the season with Sutter out as FA EP Bo Miller(sort of) Highmore Beagle Jasek Focht Costmar Zlodeyev Karlsson Zhukenov Kunz Center depth now EP Bo Miller(sort of) Dickinson Sutter Highmore Petan Dries Dowling Stevens Jasek Focht Costmar Zlodeyev Lockhart Karlsson Zhukenov Kunz No Gretzky or Yzerman in their but some real NHL depth and quality.
  11. 1 more thing, of all the defenseman the Canucks have every had, only Jovo had more career years in the Norris voting. Jovo had 7, OEL 5, nobody else had more than 2.(FYI after 2 years, Quinn has 1 and he is 21) So he is in the conversation for the most talented defenseman we have ever had and he has not played a game. Quinn is already the best offensive defenseman we have every had. So these two are a pretty impressive pair to build the defense around.
  12. I am a huge Edler fan. Class player and did everything for us. Enter OEL. 6 years younger. Better Comparison: Career/game Category OEL Edler Pts. 0.5 0.44 G 0.17 0.11 A 0.34 0.34 PIM 0.63 0.72 Ave TOI 23:43 22:91 Blks 0.90 1.89 Hits 1.75 1.53 TK 0.34 0.32 GV 0.56
  13. The experience and depth JB brought in for Abby will be really good for Woo. He will have a lot of competition and have to earn minutes on pk, pp and overall. As well as earn his place to be the first callup.
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