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  1. I would much rather that, especially as a young team with young leaders, less is expected. Keep the underestimations coming!
  2. I want to give a shout out to Sutter. He was really solid in the playoffs and picked up where he left off.
  3. Agreed. I thought OJ looked really good. Yamamoto hooked his hands and then tripped him to create that goal. If his jersey said McDavid both would have been called. Great team effort. On Boeser, I always look back to the goal where he stared down Carey Price as a rookie and went shelf. He looked like that again on those goals. Bodes well.
  4. Hughes legit #1 Schmidt legit #2 Edler legit #3 Myers and Hamonic legit #4's Juolevi exciting rookie Benn solid vet bottom pair Brisebois, Sautner, Chatfield solid ready for NHL. Rathbone maybe not totally ready but will soon be key player. We are talented, balanced, and not old or overpaid. Way to go JB.
  5. Our 4 tallest dmen with the longest reach, which I assume plays some part in the PK. The 2 shortest dmen are on the 2 pp units. It works out well. I think, eventually, with OJ's passing and hockey IQ, he may be a 2nd line pp option.
  6. Let's hope he is better than our last #27 dman Hutton.
  7. Loui is a classy guy, he just makes too much money and his salary slot should be taken by Mike Hoffman. He, Ladd, Backes, Okposo, Lucic and others all hit the jackpot one year just as the league's youth and speed officially passed them by. I don't wish Loui any ill will, I just would like to stop talking about him. He's like Trump or Covid, I am just sooooo tired of talking about him!
  8. My point was just that a couple of years ago we were so weak and shallow, that I would have taken a flyer on Juulsen. It is nice to not want to.
  9. Normally I would grab Juulsen but we have a lot of good competition on d so I would leave it alone.
  10. I only saw a bit but I thought Brisebois and Sautner look pretty good. I am actually overall really impressed with the speed and effort and the depth of talent we have accumulated. Remember when we were all hoping Frankie Corrado and Brendan Gaunce might squeak in. These guys look great.
  11. I generally agree, but would switch Motte and Roussel. I think Motte has more offence to give and would balance that line nicely. I thought he was spectacular in the playoffs.
  12. I am saying his agent is handcuffed by having only 4 teams to negotiate with. Vatanen had the whole nhl. Don't misunderstand me, I am pumped about Hamonic and I am not saying he won't be great. We'll see? Maybe I'm wrong
  13. I think Vatanen is worth a bit more on the market and NJ has cap space. Hamonic is a bit handcuffed as well because everyone know he want to be in western Canada. I think he will be 1.5-1.75.
  14. I generally agree, but it should be noted that Virtanen was 33rd in scoring for RW last season. With 31 teams that would make him the second best 2nd line RW. That was while coming 70th in minutes among RW (13:05). Boeser is clearly a top-12 RW in the league. JT Miller and Pearson were be 5th and 25th among LW. Petersson and Horvat were 12th and 28th among centres. So only Virtanen is outside the top 30 and he had very few minutes. I think that is a pretty solid top 6. Add Hoglander and Gaudette I think you have 1 or 2 guys that "could" be top 6.