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  1. Whatever the combination of lines. The Canucks are not having trouble generating shots, just goals. We have averaged over 39 shots per game and allowed just 30. I think it is just that the main offensive weapons only had 1 preseason game, or are new, or were injured, etc... They will gel as they get a feel for playing with each other and the league will fear our offense! Go Canucks Go!
  2. I want to get excited about this kid, but Judd Brackett didn't draft him so I will just be let down!
  3. An assist for Hugo today and started on the top d pairing. Had been playing on the 2nd pair.
  4. More thoughts Dickinson is perfect for taking some load off Horvat. Lammikko is a great addition (for his Bobby Clarke smile alone) Boeser and Motte will make us one of the best forward groups in the league. Burroughs gives everything he's got on every play and seems to get his role. The guys are not really connecting yet but when they do, it will be fun to watch. Demko is really good.
  5. Thoughts OEL is better than anyone we had last year. Myers and OEL are much better together than I would've thought especially after just a couple of games. Poolman hasn't made a bad play yet that I have seen and he is a good skater. Teams will have troubl keeping up with Garland and Hoglander buzzing around. Hirsch is painful on colour.
  6. This shows the depth of the team. Boeser, Motte, Hamonic and Sutter are all pegged to play key roles and the lineup looks pretty solid without them. I am still suprised that Burroughs beat out Bowey, but who am I to judge, he did look solid in game 1. With how good Poolman looks, that top 4 d is better than we have had in a while.
  7. I think JB deserves some credit for a few low cost, off the radar acquisitions that have helped the team without costing much. We wanted a steady RHD, nobody mentioned Poolman, but he looks like a strong fit so far and didn't break the bank. Although I am rooting for him, Juolevi clearly wasn't fitting in and had to clear waivers so he got Lammikko and Juulsen, a guy to fill in for Sutter for cheap and a RHD prospect that is at the same place as OJ. We needed some size, grit and experience in the bottom 6 and Chiasson is signed a great number. Add to these all of the depth he has added to the farm and I think that, outside of his bigger deals, he has had a great off-season of team-building. The Hamonic and Sutter things seem to have been out of his control. We were all happy when he did them.
  8. He had and assist and led all players with 24+ minutes.
  9. I really liked Gadjovich. I think he still has the potential to be a good contributor to a 3rd line in the NHL. However, I will say that it is potential. I do not think he is ready right now. The waiver wire was set up to ensure that teams don't just bury guys in the minors for their own ends and ruin a guys career. After a few years they are no longer exempt and if the team doesn't want to give them a spot, they get a chance to see if someone else will. I don't see how this is bad asset management. He had to earn a spot, with Motte and Sutter out, there is more chance than there would have been. He didn't do that. He is waiver eligible. I do not understand all the venom on here. I am disappointed, but the waiver wire is set up for potential disappointment. Jonah Gadjovich, from how he had showed in 3-4 years in the organization, is not going to be a difference maker.
  10. To put a finer point on it, we have 3 players in the top 17. Pretty cool.
  11. He has quite a bit more pts per game at this point than Svechnikov, a tiny bit more than Connor, and Kaprisov waited until he was 23 to come to the league. I think it is reasonable, but I was a little suprised with the eastern media bias that they put him that high.
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