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  1. Another Russian prima donna. He has 1 year under his belt and now makes more than Draisatl, Crosby, Aho, Heiskanen, Hedman, tell me which one you would trade for Kaprizov? The Wild screwed everybody, including their own internal salary expectations. This is just dumb.
  2. Jasek with a goal and an assist today for the Pelicans. Jasek is playing 1st line center. Utunen on top pairing defense. They played against Joni Jurmo, 2nd pairing defense, and Petrus Palmu, 2nd line winger who had 2 assists. Would have been a fun one to watch for Canucks' fans.
  3. He was one of the comedians that made other comedians laugh. They thought he was a genius. Good enough for me! RIP Norm
  4. Both Myers and Hamonic have played top4 minutes their whole careers. They just need 20-22 minutes in a defined role and these 2 will allow QH and OEL to work their magic. I think the d will be a strength. They have more suitable players playing more suitable roles.
  5. They also have Chycrun, Keller, Hayton, Soderstrom, Schmaltz, Guenther, to build on. I think they will be able to finally find a buyer and a new city with all this future potential.
  6. I think Montreal played this really well. Carolina is now overpaying for a 3rd line centre and will be stuck with a high QO after giving up a 1st and 3rd to get him. Montreal is now paying 1.6 million less for a better player. Where Montreal failed was at the draft when they picked Kotkaniemi. It was a reach at the time and they missed out on Brady Tkachuk and Quinn Hughes who would actually be worth matching.
  7. I am excited about: Having EP back. OEL Podkolzin Garland Hughes 3rd year Hoglander's 2nd year Dickinson Hamonic, Poolman, Schenn, Myers bringing more toughness to d the battle for icetime among OJ, Rathbone, Schenn, Hunt, Keeper, Bowie, Woo, Brisebois, Burroughs (that depth is better than it has ever been) battle for icetime among Highmore, MacEwen, Lockwood, Petan, DiGiuseppe, Bailey, Gadjovich, Dowling, Dries (that depth is better than it has ever been) Overall, I'm just really excited for a season with exciting young play
  8. Looking forward, I would say in 4-5 years OEL and Hughes will be top 4 when you ask this question. Ohlund and Jovo will be the others. I'm pretty stoked that we clearly have two of the best defenseman we have had in 50 years on the team at the same time. Go Canucks Go!
  9. WTF? Why does everybody want to trade Quinn Hughes. I have a picture of John Chayka on my desk that I kiss everyday for taking Barret Hayton and half of cdc wants to trade Quinn?
  10. Toni scored today for the Pelicans and was listed as playing in the starting pair. Also on the ice to start the game and scoring was Lukas Jasek. Good day for Canucks prospects!
  11. He was listed as playing in the starting d pair and scored a pp goal. Pretty nice start. It's just preseason, but this got to be a confidence-building start for the big Finn!
  12. I struggled with that, but Sundin was a huge, dominant centerman. I think his greatness was limited by playing mostly in Toronto.
  13. I just reread this entire topic and I didn't see anyone even remotely fantasizing about his future. Your hyperbole regarding the comments on here is a bit ridiculous actually. If you have a problem with fans, on a fan site, showing hope and cautious optimism about a prospect when they hear some good news about them, you probably should find a new hobby.
  14. I would take them in this order Forsberg Lidstrom Sundin Hedman Nilsson Karlsson Naslund Sedin Sedin Lundquist Zetterberg Alfredsson
  15. Nobody is swooning. Look at the prospect, where they were drafted and see if the current situation is a good one for their development. The fact that a coach sees him as a powerplay leader at 18 is a very good thing. The fact that he will get good minutes in a good league with men is a good thing. The definition of swoon is "faint from extreme emotion". Nobody showed anywhere near that by saying it's great that he is on the first line pp.
  16. I know but he is 18 and this is a great place for him to play. If he was a 24 year old prospect and was still in the Allsvenskan, your derision would be understandable. Hugo is in a great position to get big minutes against men.
  17. I don't get the point of this. Our 6th round pick, drafted 169th overall 18 yr old dman is playing against men and is on the first line powerplay. Evan Bouchard played in this league last year and got 17 pts in 24 games. He was 22. This is an achievement for a guy who was drafted that low. OEL had 27 pts in 42 games as an 18 yr old which is the record. I am excited to see what Gabrielsson can do.
  18. Smarter people than me can work out the details. I am just starting a discussion whereby billionaires in Canada, whose net worth has gone up 67 billion during the pandemic, find a way to use their unfathomable wealth along with government support to solve the housing crisis with minimal overall cost to both. The government spends enormous amounts on homeless, addiction, mental health, policing, etc and we have people who have benefitted greatly from our society and the infrastructure provided by taxpayers. Let's get creative
  19. I'm not talking about developers. I am saying that the government work out a deal with the richest of the rich, who BTW avoid taxes all the time, and get them to pitch in and solve the problem in a way that benefits everyone. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have given away 100 billion plus. Canadian Billionaires could solve this problem.
  20. What if the richest people in the country build and own 1 million rental units across the country. They would pay no property taxes. They would pay no capital gains on the increased value of the land. They would write off all of the costs against their income taxes. They would collect no rent. The government would decide who would receive the units. Every year they would build another 250,000 units and after 5 years they could start charging rent or sell them to someone who could. I'm not sure this would work exactly as I have laid it out, but with billionaires and homeless
  21. Not that long ago, Brendan Gaunce was our best prospect. Now throw in Costmar and all 11 have as good or better chance as becoming an nhl player. There are others as well Persson, Jurmo, Silovs, and more that could turn into something. I wouldn't say the cupboards are remotely close to bare.
  22. Another height and weight controversy with an overseas prospect. HockeyDB says 6'2'' and 202 lbs. Huskies have him listed as 6'1'' and 185. Elite Propects 6'1'' and 203. The Province mentioned him as 6' and 202. The Daily Hive said 6'1'' and 187. I am mostly kidding around but it is strange they can't just get the numbers straight.
  23. Alf is the biggest fan(atic) on here. He loves his team and hates all others. That is old school and the true meaning of the word fan. I love his posts!
  24. This one by Theodore Roosevelt is long and corny, but inspiring. Also can you imagine a political leader talking like this today? "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, th
  25. WTF is going on. This is ridiculous. I think that fans have become so obsessed with Trade Deadline, Draft, and Free Agent Frenzy, they care more about movement than they do about the team. I can't believe I have to say this but, we are so blessed to have drafted EP and QH at 5th and 7th overall, just sit back now and enjoy them. I love watching these two play and have no interest in watching them play elsewhere. They are both incredibly driven and world class talents. I would say already they are top 10 talents we have ever had, and they are in their very early 20's. After
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