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  1. You still kicking around on here lol

  2. game freak!

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    2. WillyFox
    3. Baercheese


      hows mommys basement

    4. WillyFox


      not bad hows giving your roomys BJs?

  3. hey just thought id say your a Flamer

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    2. Baercheese


      lol not even i've watched barely 1 episode

    3. WillyFox


      still hahaha joking its okay you live in calgary alot of them gay cowboys eh ;)

    4. Baercheese


      shut the frack up you ride your bf's chicken like no other

  4. yes just haunting CDC

  5. yeah my PlayStation broke lol.. no more leading our club :P

  6. umm ur a scrub.......

  7. hahah im just wondering if i should now lidstrom is a beast :)

  8. Yah Ill give you Kronwall and a 1st :)?

  9. wow lol thanks, you may not know this but I eat cause I'm fat and I'm fat cause I eat :(

  10. just wanted to say your a noob or nub

  11. Are you the ladies man of CDC ;)