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  1. Wow, I still remember my login. :lol:

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    2. Alflives


      I have my password written down, and stuck on the fridge.  

    3. Dazzle


      @Psylocke What has kept you away from CDC?

    4. Psylocke


      @Dazzle Life lol 


      Just haven't had as much time to be on CDC. 


  2. Anyone go Boxing Day shopping? 

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    2. HI5


      I got dragged to the mall, but ended up buying some name brand stuff for decent prices. Got myself some Boss boxer briefs for 50% off and my niece a Burberry jacket 70% off. 

    3. Pears


      I spent a good $480 but saved around $300 so it could’ve been a lot worse. 

    4. -AJ-


      Spent a hefty $0 and had a nice bowl of cereal in the "morning" after waking up at 11:45am.

  3. I feel like I've forgotten someone's gift. 

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    2. HI5


      Where’s s my gift? 

    3. Dazzle


      Colon D says hi.

    4. Psylocke


      @Shift-4 @HI5 Might've gotten lost in the mail. :P





  4. Wishing you all a wonderful 2018! 

  5. Happy New Year's Eve, CDC fam!

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    2. Incursio


      For sure. Drinks with friends is one of those little things in life.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Goodbye 2017.....Hello 2018. 

    4. Psylocke


      Hope 2018 will be much better! 

  6. Just signed up for that Discord Chat thing. No idea how to use it lol

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    2. Incursio


      I bet you Gags doesn't do that again next game though >.>

    3. Psylocke


      @Incursio Hahaha you're probably right.

    4. Incursio


      Haha. Small victory for me.

  7. I'm bored.

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    2. Psylocke


      @brilac Did you manage to get ahold of him? 

    3. brilac


      Yes, and I taught him the art of taking a selfie!

    4. Alflives



      Michaels is a fabulous writer.  She writes her novels with very strong female characters, and from their points of view.  “Houses of Stone” is a mystery, that also teaches about women’s changing roles in society over the last 200 years.  I think that’s why I enjoy her books: they are interesting mysteries, but the reader learns too.  


  8. Were there any good Boxing Day deals? 

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      All I know is the morons in Richmond City Council should be forced to drive at the Airport all day.

      Who the blockhead was that thought putting an outlet mall by an Airport was a good idea should be punished severely. 

    3. Alflives


      I got a real steal of a deal on a big box of mandarin oranges.  Found two rotten ones in the bottom though. :(

    4. Psylocke


      @Ghostsof1915 Must have been a clusterf*ck there today, eh? 


      @Alflives LOL maybe that's why they were on sale.

  9. Merry Christmas (Eve), CDC Fam! 

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    2. Incursio


      Merry Christmas!

    3. Coconuts


      Murr Chrismas fam

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      for me, it's church in the morning and turkey dinner at my brother-in-laws place. after i eat a leg, the critter will have to hop around the table.people will have to grab chunks as he goes by.  pumpkin pie. a little wine. then sink into the couch like a saint bernard on strike. 

      merry xmas to everyone and everyone's others. 

      merry xmas canucks and thanks for the memories. 

  10. Box seats for tonight's game! :D

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    2. Coconuts


      I feel you, so gutted about that injury. He's the bright spot that kept my interest in this season going..

    3. Psylocke


      Yeah, it was so tough watching him crawl to the bench. :(

    4. Coconuts


      But he's not as hurt as we thought, it's something! :(

  11. Cider, fries, and hockey. What more can I ask for? 

    1. Alflives


      For myself I could ask to be 50 years younger, so I could still enjoy the cider, the French fries, and still see the darned TV! :lol:



  12. There's a special place in hell for rude, contentious customers. 

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    2. Odd.


      "tomorrow's news flash": roger customer service gunned down by an angry Rogers customer. Some scenario you'd probably see in the states

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      my first job was in a restaurant and it amazed me how many times someone would be rude to a server prior to getting their meals. Needless to say a little bit of payback got included in their food. 

    4. zzbottom


      It's called Walmart. 

  13. A tip for people who are job searching: make sure you spell and grammar check your résumé. Also, don't wear jeans to the interview.  

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    2. Heretic


      @Psylocke my guess would be a nice pair of Wranglers or Carharts and a nice shirt. Don't wear your work boots though, but bring them along in case they take you out to their field.


    3. Wilbur


      Reminds me of the story my English prof told me of a Resume class he was teaching.  A student relied on spellcheck too much.  Pour student said he had vast experience in "wharehouses".  Yeah, spell changed the vowel, didn't get rid of the consonant.

    4. Psylocke


      @Wilbur Definitely should get someone to edit as well LOL

  14. Don't really care about the Astros, but any team that beats the Yankees is awesome in my books! 

  15. HELLO!

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    2. Psylocke


      Nice. You had the day off?

    3. Dazzle


      I'm on a 3 week vacation right now. :)

      I have to go back next week... which kinda sucks but I'm ok too.

    4. Psylocke


      Lucky you! 


      Did you go away, or was it a staycation? LOL