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  1. it had to have worked in the first place/at some point in order to become 'broken'. it's right up there with hero charts - negative analytical value imo.
  2. interesting proposal - I would personally not make that deal though. a one for one - Hathaway for MacEwen I probably do - but I don't include Highmore in that deal. If Washington wants/needs to shed cap - that's all they're getting and it accomplishes their goal regardless.
  3. ? there was no "comparison" of Juolevi and Rathbone - and no - there's not room for them both in the lineup - two spots on the left side are taken by OEL and Hughes - the 3rd spot will be competed for - potentially shared by those two - but whether they are 'different players or not' has nothing to do with it - performance will.
  4. yawn. be childish about it if you must - ie 'sorry if I offended you'.... those are the board rules. not to post links or syphon traffic to other sites. simple just make the effort to post the content.
  5. There is no good argument for pretending to know which prospects "should' make the club in training camp. So many people pencilling Rathbone into the lineup already - on an 8 game sample - while there is a pretty good prospect in Juolevi for him to compete with - and a few others that will have an eye on that 4 spot as well. That is the point of training camp - to assess where the player actually is at the time - not fantasize about where one thinks they should be. It's a competition - and players need to show up, and prove themselves to earn those spots. I realize that Rathbone is the new flavorite of many in the fanbase for good reasons (but unfortunately that tends to play out in typical ways - of playing them off their team-mates or putting premature expectations on them) - people get carried away gifting their favorites roster spots before the results play out in camp, on the ice.
  6. from the Green extension thread where these myths were dispelled.
  7. Yes - it's entirely situational / and dependent upon who is on the ice. This is a dead horse wadr to the OP - has been discussed elsewhere and shown that the Canucks are right there with the rest of the league in terms of balance of entries. Further - not following that link or gonna bother to respond to specifics until they're posted in this thread - but when you have a season where half of it is spent icing half a roster of replacement waivers players, AHL callups and prospects while dealing with no camp, and a covid outbreak - don't expect a particularly representative sample.
  8. Not going to follow that clickbait. Please post the content in your OP - as opposed to generating traffic for an outside site / the smarmy, thanks.
  9. he doesn't know how good or bad OEL has been the past few years - he takes his cues from other people who take their cues from other people who parrot whatever they read on message boards and weekend warrior blogs. probably saw 5 minutes of OEL - and doesn't know how to assess a player based on usage, outcomes, etc - objective metrics. claimed that Arizona was desperate to dump OEL because Chychrun is as 'close to an all around #1 as they come'. Whatever fantasy story floats the e-boat.
  10. the video of that was even more pathetic than the text. organization deserved to be 'cursed'.
  11. Obviously if the Jets hadn't already returned to Winnipeg, sending that cluster-'karma'-fk home would be a no-brainer... But almost as obvious - would be giving Quebec City a team back.
  12. nice work, Gary. the ironing is delicious. you stole a team from a perfectly good home... and now that team is...homeless. 1,2,3,4....guess who didn't count on that.
  13. not a fan of Eichel - but that pathetic poor-us performance from Murray - from the get-go - when Buffalo had to settle for Eichel in the McDavid lottery sweepstakes - pretty much set the tone for the loser show that has ensued ever since.
  14. it'll be interesting to see - in a few years - who made the biggest mistakes this offseason.... my money would be on the Hamilton deal - although at least the Devils did the necessary thing of going out and getting Graves to play with him....(not my favorite piece of Joe Sakic work).
  15. Guerin inherited a gongshow that was going nowhere, idling along in middling mediocrity and first round exits - forever - and few signs that they were going to do what was necessary to get better. In no way responsible for what that team did pre-lockout - signing those ridiculous albatross deals, while their ownership also postured as one of the 'hardliners' in the lockout process. You might say that franchise is getting what it deserved. We can question Guerin - but one thing he made clear is that he wasn't going to tolerate the status quo - and wasn't going to fret about making changes. As much as I questioned the individual moves he was making, the results were hard to argue with. So I'd tend to take a wait and see this time around...
  16. not sure how good it is for the league when teams like Arizona and Buffalo get even worse.... aside from Savard wanting to go to Montreal, not impressed with Bergevin's regression. looks like a lot of lateral movement for most teams, at best while a number took obvious steps backwards. I can't be bothered to listen to Leafluffermedia - curious how they are selling Dubas' work this summer.
  17. not sure who will have improved the most - but it looks like the Canucks (and Carolina) have changed the most. Canucks aside, also not sure I'm that keen on the improvement of any team. Seattle made it difficult for teams to improve overall - as did continued cap tightness. Tampa finally took a bit of a hit, but not enough for my liking. Atkinson, Ellis, Ristolainen, Yandle, Jones is quite a haul. Edler, Danault and Arivdsson were good adds (although a couple picks for VA in similar circumstances would have had this market blowing head gaskets...) I like most of the Canucks changes - but still a question mark for me in the one spot I think we needed to improve/upgrade the most. However, in spite of that, I think there's a lot of room to uptick from within - and we added critical depth in a few areas. The task remains imo of finding the right partner for Hughes - and I think they still need to add center depth before opening night.
  18. I'd like to see bridge deals - and then long term deals. I'd say Boeser's deal is a good baseline for both of them.
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