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  1. I see you know very little about business and negotiations. I am glad you are a passionate canucks fan. I love them too. I m in business and can see a much bigger picture. You say there is no proof, but everything that has happened shows the exactly that. Benning started off as exactly the GM you think he was. Inexperienced, naive, trying to appease the fan base. He is very smart, and learned from his mistakes. After what vegas did, weaponizing the draft, good GM's have learned their lessons. Seattle is at a massive disadvantage right now because Francis tried to copy
  2. Mmmm I dont know about that. Benning had his growing pains, but he doesn't handcuff or trade dirty. I think Benning has alot of respect among the other gms. It's one thing to offer sheet a GM that no one trusts. Benning has respect. A GM screwing him means that GM will probably not be trusted to make in trades. It's very important for gms to keep good reputation with each other. If petterson played for Francis or Gillis or burke or one of those sleazy guys, I think an offer sheet would be more likely
  3. Glad to see someone without their rose colour glasses on. As much as some people here dont want to admit it, defensively Barrie was better then Hughes. Granted Hughes is young. Barrie has actually been one of the best underrated puck moving defenceman in the league for a long time. Hughes and Barrie have a lot of similarities. Alot.
  4. This is great. We needed the cap space and his contract is hard to trade. Both teams win so Benning can still be trusted among GMs. Good day
  5. Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the land. Sweet Caroline!!! Bam bam baammm
  6. Nope. What we did is get a an absolute stud. One of the best dmen in the league. Added a beauty of a grinder. Made us ready to compete. And dropped a pile of garbage contracts and freed up spots and cap. All for a projected 2nd line winger who may or may not be bust and no one will know for years.
  7. Like on Facebook or text? And why would he message his neck and not the player or his agent? So many questions.
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