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  1. Exactly this. I've really liked his game so far. Haven't seen too many mistakes, which as a young defenseman is a good sign. The rest of his game will come with more time I think and he'll get more involved.
  2. yeah and they just kept showing replays of the second entry when it looks like he takes the puck out and goes back over but the puck never comes out fully so the blue line would be their zone. Wonder if anything will be mentioned about it later. I'd like to see more on it.
  3. I went over the goal call back and I think it was a goal. He goes in with the puck before the other guy goes in, and the puck doesn't come all the way back out so the first entry should be good. Anyone else get a better angle that I missed or something?
  4. He has been getting better each years. Was on pace for over 20 goals last year. I think if there were no playoffs last year people would be saying a different thing. He was very inconsistent in the playoffs and I know that's a big issue, I just still not ready to give up on the kid. He just shows so much potential.
  5. I like the flying V in those colours but I don't like the green jersey that much. You'll always have people that disagree on liking things but people that don't like it don't have to ruin it for the people that do. Not that I really care if someone likes something I do, I'm still going to like it but the extreme negativity doesn't help anything.
  6. agreed. It's too bad when people don't like something, they can't at least see any positives in it. It gets annoying when people can only be negative.
  7. I bought one, they look even better in person. Pictures really don't do it justice. I love it so much. Def one of my top fav Canucks jerseys.
  8. I agree, they look look terrible knocks off. Except Avalanche. Those are beautiful. Couple of other good ones but yah most really look terrible.
  9. Chicago Seabrook/Keith Over 12 mill. Wild Suter/Spurgeon over 15 mill Montreal Weber/Petry Over 14 Mill Nashville Over 15 Mill LA Doughty 11 Mill Sharks Karlsson/Burns/Vlasic Over 26mill Blues Faulk/Krug 13 Mill Tampa Hedman/McDonagh Over 14 Mill Capital Carlson/Orlov Over 13 Mill Lots of teams have potentially worse than us, we could also be one of those teams that have no one signed which I would be more worried about. We don't currently have a single player making over 6 mill a year. A lot of teams have forwards they might have to worry about in a couple years too. I'm not too worried about their cap hit, We have over 17 mill coming off the books next year. Sign Petey/Hughes and a couple fillers. Couple talents from the prospect pool. I think we'll be okay and I imagine couple years cap will go up again.
  10. Seems like a lot to give up for 2 players, I don't really see Canucks wanting to trade another first round pick so soon, let alone the next two. I really wouldn't mind giving Juolevi one more year. I know he only played one game at the NHL level but I thought he looked good. Has decent numbers in AHL. He's only 22. Maybe i'm being too hopeful but I have a good feeling about the kid. We've got to where we are right now, mostly from building with in and I hope we kind of stick to that path. Maybe another move like how we got Toffoli but nothing too big.
  11. It felt like the chances in this period were more even though, I know they had 10 shots but most of them weren't scary. I wasn't as OMG! this period lol or maybe I'm just learning to deal with it.
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