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  1. 1. His businesses have suffered since he started running for President. 2. He lent some money to his campaign. 3. He won't quit without getting something. 4. Republicans could easily win the White House if they ran someone like Kasich. Hillary is a bad candidate and the main reason she's up in the polls is because Trump is the opponent.
  2. You guys keep arguing back and forth about Trump & Hillary, so I'll provide a neutral observation. Trump is unqualified for the job and a complete mess. He should just tell the RNC and Republican donors that he'll drop out of the race if he gets paid $500 million. Hillary has sparse concrete accomplishments and a career littered with bad decision making. She's great if you're one of her wealthy donors who needs something, but not so good for the regular citizen. She has a big problem with telling the truth and will try every which way to obscure, obfuscate, or flat
  3. Good to see that the deflated football issue is resolved now. The NFL standard for cheating is disciplining players when it's more likely than not they cheated (51% +) instead of definitive proof. The suspension was the right call in this case given all the circumstantial evidence.
  4. That's completely wrong. Her advisers told her to use the official state department email. She insisted on using her own server because she wanted to avoid FOIA requests. She's not cleared. The state department resumed their investigation yesterday. She lied under oath about not sending classified material. She gave access to top secret information to up to 10 people without security clearances according to the FBI. If this was anyone else they would at the minimum never again be allowed to have a security clearance, and therefore would be nullified from running for President. Just
  5. Comey kind of ruined his reputation. He spends the first 90% of the press conference saying everything that Hillary did wrong, and then said he doesn't recommend any charges because Hillary didn't intentionally expose classified information and they had no previous cases where someone was charged without the intent to expose information. Just last year a Naval officer was charged, fined, and his security clearance revoked for removing and retaining classified material. Hillary did magnitudes worse than what he did and is walking away without even a slap on the wrist. https://www.fb
  6. Trump didn't initiate it. Bernie asked for the debate after Hillary chickened out on the scheduled Bernie / Hillary debate. Trump backed out after his handlers probably told him that Bernie would embarrass him. Bernie did more damage to Trump by making him look like a weak fool in 48 hours than Hillary has managed in her entire campaign. Trump is leading Hillary in an average of nationwide polls now.
  7. If the FBI recommends indictment, she can't stop it without damaging herself, Obama, and the rest of the democrats. She's said in the past that the DOJ will do an independent review of the case the FBI presents. Hillary has been going around for months saying the FBI is doing a "security review". Today the FBI director came out and said that the FBI doesn't do security reviews, they do criminal investigations. She's going to be interviewed in the coming weeks and this case will be over shortly. Anyways, the perfect storm is brewing for damaging Hillary from multiple angles. Bernie
  8. She's under a criminal FBI investigation and could be indicted. She clearly broke several laws regarding classified material and destroyed government property in an attempt to cover up her actions. She deleted 30,000+ emails without any oversight from anyone and said they were personal emails regarding yoga. She didn't know that her computer was being backed up to a 3rd party cloud service. The FBI has recovered all of those emails and have since opened up a public corruption investigation that they are doing in parallel with the email server investigation. The public corruption investigation
  9. They do have an interest in politics. They work behind the scenes to buy politicians so that they can get legislation passed to benefit their companies. Musk was part of a group of 20 or so people who got together to come up with ways to beat Trump. Hillary is going to start a couple of wars and do favours for the banks & pharmaceutical companies because of the $100M+ they invested in her. Who knows what Trump will do, but it'll be a disaster. The one honest candidate they had isn't going to win the nomination unless the FBI recommends to indict Hillary.
  10. This is the end of the road for Brady's suspension. According to people familiar with this process, he can appeal and get it kicked back to the previous judge, but he can't change the decision that was rendered today.
  11. I don't think Trump is likely to get the nomination. Even if he wins the big delegate states like PA, CA, and NJ, he won't reach the required number of delegates to win the nomination outright. Trump being on the ticket will hand the White House to the Democrats. The Republicans are likely to nominate someone like Kasich on a 2nd or 3rd ballot vote at the convention. He's actually been beating Hillary in national polls for months and is their best chance to win the White House.
  12. He had everything stacked against him in NY. Closed primary where Independents can't vote (Bernie wins 70/30) and Hillary's campaign pulling dirty Republican tricks. Bernie will still stay in the race until the end because he has millions of people funding him still. The one major event that still needs to be decided is the FBI's criminal investigation into Hillary. If they recommend indictment for her mishandling classified information, that could end her run for President.
  13. There is a psychological advantage of having the superdelegates go for the establishment candidate. A lot of voters don't know the difference and the media keeps adding them up when showing the numbers. The race is closer than what everyone is making it out to be, so the superdelegates discourage voters who might otherwise vote for Bernie. Let's say the NHL added 5 goals to every game for no reason (winning team will always get at least 3 of these, so the actual win/loss result won't change). The Flames are up 2-1 on the Canucks, but during the game they set the score a
  14. Her 30+ leads in NY and Pennsylvania have collapsed to single digits. She's getting desperate. In the past week she's called Bernie a liar, not a Democrat, bringing in the Sandy Hook shooting, etc.
  15. Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 1h1 hour ago .@BernieSanders prioritized gun manufacturers' rights over the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook. This woman is truly disgusting. Using dead children as political tools. She's making the argument that guns manufacturers should be sued for legally purchased guns if someone uses them for killing people. The same argument as Ford should be sued for drunk drivers killing someone.
  16. Ted Cruz is having a Cuban Mistress Crisis. If Hillary gets indicted from her FBI criminal investigation, we could have this contest in the general election.
  17. Bernie should continue through until the convention to get his message to as many people as possible and then run as an Independent. He will have millions of small donors funding his campaign and Clinton / Trump have disastrous negative ratings. The share of solid Republican and Democrat voters has been shrinking over the last decade. Recent Gallup polls had these numbers at 11% D and 12% R. 42% of voters identify themselves as Independents. The rest are voters that lean D / R or move from one party to the other. The states that Bernie has won by 20+ points are the ones th
  18. Trump might be a disaster, but Hillary is no peach either. She's going to start wars and do the bidding of wall street and pharmaceutical companies with the $100M+ that these industries have given her and Bill in personal money through "speeches". Bernie is the best candidate, but it's going to take a miracle (or Hillary getting indicted) for him to become the nominee.
  19. Yeah, it's not looking good for Bernie, but he should stay in the race right until the end. He needs to spread his message of a corrupt political system to as many people as possible to pave the way for a liberal candidate in 2020 to run on his platform. He might not be able to get the change he wants, but the longer he keeps on going, the easier he'll make it for candidates that subscribe to his philosophy.
  20. The delegates assigned are proportional, not winner take all. Even if she wins by something like 75-25 in South Carolina, she'll only have around 20 more delegates. You need ~ 2400 delegates to win. Clinton will do well in all the states that have high numbers of black voters. Bernie can still have a path to victory, but he needs to win states like Massachusetts, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, etc. Her victory speech today was really funny. She stole 4 or 5 of Bernie's policies word for word. The real tragedy is that she's bought and paid for by corporate America and sh
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