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  1. I'm aleady here. But that bubble is impenetrable tho.
  2. It's disappointing. My son and I usually make our way down from Edm for this, but probably won't this year. You could see it coming, though. Seems like there was always an argument about the location, often the top prospects didn't play (or didn't play much) and I guess Katz figured he wasn't bleeding enough out of the fans there. Too bad, but oh well. And they can forget about us driving to Red Deer to watch half a tourny featuring a bunch of never-will-be's. Got better things to do.
  3. There were a total of six games played in this tourney. It struck me today that three of them ended with handshake lines and three didn't. The three that didn't were all Winnipeg games. Odd. In fact, Edm went looking to start one and the Jets guys just skated off. What's with that?
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't play today. These games are more about seeing what you've got down-roster. And main camp is coming up.
  5. Just back from the Oilers-Jets game. Total snore-fest. Scrambly, no real hitting apart from a couple cheap shots, no real flow. I want my 12 bucks back.
  6. Yup. Me, my son, and a friend. The friend is an Oilers guy, though. So hopefully the baby C's can shut his mouth for awhile.
  7. My son and I are heading down to YST again this year. Kind of becoming a yearly thing now. Makes for a nice break and you see pretty good hockey without needing to rob a bank. Accommodations are tough, though. Jazz festival is the same weekend.
  8. Ya. I'm having problems inserting media now for some reason. It was a photo of the Canucks riot. We didn't like all being painted with the same brush then. Seemed to me you doing the same thing to others, and I thought I'd point that out.
  9. Might want to be careful with those generalizations. Was it fair when it happened to us? http://bc.ctvnews.ca/polopoly_fs/1.148339.1337371655!/httpImage/image._gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.
  10. I was able to stop the scrolling by disabling javascript in IE for the site. It's not a fix because a lot of content won't load, but at least it stops the damn scrolling.
  11. Haha. Tell me about it. If one post embeds 3 or 4 twitter posts, and someone else quotes it, it takes some superior hand/eye to hit the "next" button at the bottom as it whizzes by.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with IE. Surface RT tab won't run anything else that I'm aware of. Nice to know I'm not crazy, though.
  13. Got an odd problem that just popped up today. If there's a twitter post embedded in a thread post, it loads and then starts everything below it scrolling down. Like it's adding a couple of line feeds every second right after the twitter post. Not sure if it's doing the same with other embedded media. Anybody else seeing this?
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