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  1. I haven't posted in a while but I'm usually always sticking up for our management. But wow. Wtf is happening with this Chiasson thing? I really believe that Gadjovich/Macewen would of faired better on our PP1 this year. Why are we gifting him this spot..? Why is Garland on the PP2 over this guy..? What message are we sending to our draft picks? Do everything we say, develop well, and we will put you on waivers for a PTO player once you are on the verge....? It felt like a punch in the gut at the time and I'm still choked about it. Sorry. Just had to get it off my chest somewhere. Regardless, like how our team has played thus far! Go Nucks Go!
  2. I don't live with my mom or even close to her. And how would I pass it on to her, she got both shots of the vaxx? Oh right it just makes the symptoms less, right....
  3. So slowly stripping the freedoms of the unvaxxed isn't forcing anyone to do anything? And what if they require it in the future for grocery stores, restaurants, etc? Still ain't "forcing it" technically, but they pretty much are. Whatever
  4. Like how my mother took up a hospital bed, from the shot? I'm in my 20's, I haven't been sick in years, I'm not overweight, its a 99%+ survival rate for my demographic. But that's fine, demonize everyone that has a different opinion, whatever makes you feel better.
  5. Guess I'm going to have to cancel my seasons tickets. Probably a good thing, ill save a fortune not spending $20 a beer every game at the Rog. All of you seem pretty judgmental about anything that goes against the narrative, so I won't delve too much into why I choose not to take this shot. But It's pretty easy to just put a label on everyone that simply doesn't want to participate in this, right? "Oh you're a conspiracy theorist, crusty uncle, anti-vaxxer, selfish POS!!!!!" How about instead of demonizing someone that has a different opinion, you can respect that it's MY BODY, MY FREEDOM, and MY BLOODY CHOICE. I could care less you all got the vaccine, leave me alone. My mother nearly DIED from the Moderna. I know ZERO people that have got COVID. I strongly, strongly disagree with this being forced onto everyone.
  6. Who in their right mind would even consider 'giving up' on Quinn..? Like is this seriously a discussion? Haha not directed at you but I'm honestly bewildered. I have seen some harsh criticism of him though recently, I watched every game last year and I can't for the life of me understand why people are ragging on Quinn so hard. It was his 2nd year in the show, and he is playing against top lines every other shift. He carries the play and our play style is completely stale when he is out of the lineup. We got a D that's on track to be the best Franchise D we've ever had by a wide margin and people are thinkin of giving up?! C'mon Man! (Joe Biden voice)
  7. Are some of yall serious? You'd drive Pettersson to Seattle if he got offer sheeted? So you're content with him fkn lighting us up, in our division, for the next decade eh? Its not gonna happen, and Petey's worth far more than what we would get as compensation......... everyone thought Vegas was gonna be a lottery team, look at how that turned out
  8. Im never taking an experimental mRNA jab
  9. I'd be all for it! Burr is doing wonders in MTL for their PP... wish we could of hired him.
  10. Maybe because our coach almost took us to the 3rd round last year (aka overachieved)... Which btw would (most likely) never of happened - if ownership listened to fans. You were all calling for his head early last season too. Would we of made that run if we listened to the emotional fan base and fired Green? And how long until you turn on the new hire? This year has sucked but I don't think it's solely because of coaching. And I believe cleaning house could have unintended negative consequences, if we make the wrong hire. Might as well enjoy the ride! Who said the road to the top would be a straight line? We're gonna have some adversity but I believe that this core has enough character and skill to bounce back and bring us to the promised land. GCG
  11. Sometimes to get to the top, it isn't always a straight trajectory upwards - it can be a rollercoaster before we finally 'click' and become a contender. Our young and strong core had a great experience last post season, playing meaningful games and winning playoffs series. They know that feeling - they want it more than anything, and I'm not concerned they will bounce back. As for the management of the team, in my opinion why stress about it when it is completely out of our control. This could all be a blessing in disguise if we end up drafting a STUD because of our poor season... Could you imagine if we get Luke Hughes? Go Canucks Go.
  12. The guy gets better every single game. Incredible to watch. And we are truly blessed to see 3 straight calder finalists, and now it's looking like 4. My prediction he finishes somewhere in the top 3 in scoring, and top 3 in Calder voting. Will we keep this Calder nomination/win streak going with Podkolzin next year?
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