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  1. Im never taking an experimental mRNA jab
  2. I'd be all for it! Burr is doing wonders in MTL for their PP... wish we could of hired him.
  3. Maybe because our coach almost took us to the 3rd round last year (aka overachieved)... Which btw would (most likely) never of happened - if ownership listened to fans. You were all calling for his head early last season too. Would we of made that run if we listened to the emotional fan base and fired Green? And how long until you turn on the new hire? This year has sucked but I don't think it's solely because of coaching. And I believe cleaning house could have unintended negative consequences, if we make the wrong hire. Might as well enjoy the ride! Who said the road to t
  4. Sometimes to get to the top, it isn't always a straight trajectory upwards - it can be a rollercoaster before we finally 'click' and become a contender. Our young and strong core had a great experience last post season, playing meaningful games and winning playoffs series. They know that feeling - they want it more than anything, and I'm not concerned they will bounce back. As for the management of the team, in my opinion why stress about it when it is completely out of our control. This could all be a blessing in disguise if we end up drafting a STUD because of o
  5. The guy gets better every single game. Incredible to watch. And we are truly blessed to see 3 straight calder finalists, and now it's looking like 4. My prediction he finishes somewhere in the top 3 in scoring, and top 3 in Calder voting. Will we keep this Calder nomination/win streak going with Podkolzin next year?
  6. No updates on QH43? Yahoo has him as day-to-day as he missed Sunday's practice. I'm guessing from the lack of conversation about an injury from media or fans, it's probably no big deal and he'll play tonight. Hope so anyways! Go Canucks Go 5-2 Win Boeser x 2 Gaud Petey Juolevi gets his first
  7. Season opener and also McDavid's birthday ... he's gonna be flying out there and extra fired up. We prevent him from playing his game and we have a pretty good chance at winning obviously.. Whatever the case Im just fired up to see some Canucks hockey again! GCG!
  8. But... was it designed by a non aboriginal guy... ? /s
  9. The slew foot against Hawyrluk (im sure im spelling this wrong) was way worse... classless and gutless... and Motte was one of my favorite heart and soul players too.. now I feel.. betrayed? I dont know.. it's shady af
  10. Not really tbh. He hunted down and stole the puck from JT tonight and EP last scrimmage...
  11. 4 would set a NHL record, correct? Just absolutely insane.
  12. I think they figured it out? although I have to CRANK the volume just to hear the guy lol
  13. What? 1st intermission already! That wasn't 20 mins, I want a refund!
  14. I guess so. I'm sure if we win the cup there will be complaints we didn't go 16-0. Lol.
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